Why No-one Is Visiting Your Business’s Website

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You’ve set up a website for your business – but no-one’s visiting. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve paid money to have it developed by a professional. The truth is that simply having a website is not enough. A website needs to be signposted well, much like a shop front. The more signage you have, the more people know that you’re there. Here are a few ways to increase visitors and get the most out of your website.

The domain name

Your domain name needs to be simple and effective. Ideally someone needs to be able to hear it in conversation and then be able to type it in. Domain names that exchange letter for numbers (such as ‘gr8’ or replacing an ‘I’ with a ‘1’) can be bad for business. Don’t make your domain name more than three words in length.

Bad navigation

If you’ve hired a professional, this is unlikely to be the fault at cause. However, if you built the website yourself, bad navigation could be to blame. The homepage needs to tell people instantly what kind of business you are in as few sentences as possible. Avoid a big block of text – if you need to explain your business in greater detail create an about page. Have a navigation bar that’s easy to find, and possibly a search bar. Contact details also need to be instantly findable.

Lack of activity

If your website doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while, this might be convincing visitors that your business isn’t running any longer – it may even be damaging your search engine rankings. Keep your website feeling fresh and active by constantly updating it with new information. The best way to do this is to write regular blog posts. These can be snippets of business advice, business news or promotions. You can even add a social media plug-in so that all your Facebook posts are promoted on your website.

No internet presence

More internet presence makes your business look bigger. You can do this by promoting online reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor, creating social media pages for your business and getting in local news stories with help from PR companies. Marketing companies such as digital marketing agency Local Digital meanwhile can help with aspects such as SEO and monitoring your online reputation. Also feel free to cross-promote with other companies – another related business may be willing to advertise your website on theirs, in exchange for you linking their website on yours.

No offline presence

Marketing your website offline is just as important. Make sure that your domain name is printed on posters, leaflets and business cards along with your phone number and email address. You can even print it on the side of company vehicles, branded t-shirts, branded mugs, branded pens and outdoor signage. Somebody may see your domain name printed somewhere and be able to quickly look you up on their smartphone.

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