The Sports and Entertainment Scene this Autumn

If you haven’t realised it already, autumn has arrived in Australia. Beginning in March and ending in May, autumn in Australia brings with it average levels of rainfall and cooling temperatures.

If you’re in Australia then autumn is a good time to head out and have some fun. There are countless entertainment opportunities in Australia during autumn. Whether you’re a sports fan or a nature lover, there’s so much you can do and enjoy in Australia during autumn.

Are you a sports fan?

If yes then there are several sporting events you can do bet on during autumn.

Betting on your bet on your favourite sports team can be done by any of the many online gambling sites such as Bluebet. In addition to watching and betting on your favourite sports team, you can indulge in a number of entertainment activities in Australia during autumn. So what sports and entertainment is on offer in Australia this autumn? Let’s take a look.

Watch AFL

The Australian football league (AFL) season begins on March 23 and ends on September 30. During autumn, you can enjoy close to a hundred AFL games and if you have a particular favourite then you watch your favourite team in action 8 times during this period.

Tune into NRL

If the 2017 Australian football league (AFL) season isn’t enough to keep you entertained then you can watch a bit of NRL to keep yourself occupied during autumn. The 2017 NRL, the 110 th season of the league, commenced on March 2 and will run till October 1 st . So, there will be plenty of NRL games for you to enjoy during the autumn months.

Enjoy Roland Garros

AFL and NRL are events you can watch live in Australia. However, there are other major sporting events that you’ll have to watch on TV or online. A sporting event that you’d probably want to watch this autumn is Roland Garros. To enjoy Roland Garros, look for fast and cheap broadband to watch live streaming of the event.

Walk in nature

Australia is a land of natural beauty and the best time to discover this natural beauty is autumn. A good way to discover Australia’s natural beauty during autumn is taking a walk in nature. There are many places worth seeing on foot in Australia including:

  •  Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania
  •  The Maria Island Walk, Tasmania
  •  Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Great Ocean Road, Victoria
  •  Margaret River Cape to Cape Walk, Margaret River, Western Australia
  •  Murray River Walk, South Australia

Head to Brisbane River

Brisbane River is a popular tourist destination in Australia and the best time for an adventure on the

Brisbane River is autumn. Once you’re at the Brisbane River, you can kayak past the glittering skyline of Brisbane or walk through the lush riverside parks or botanic gardens of South Bank. In short, an adventure on the Brisbane River is an awesome way to spend autumn.

If you’re in Australia, there’s so much you can do this autumn! The aforementioned things are just a few of the countless sports and entertainment opportunities available to you in Australia this autumn.

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