If you’ve got an art exhibition or a trade show coming up, then you need to create a buzz about the event. You have two avenues: allow the gallery or the event organiser to create a press release or write one yourself.

If the event organiser can’t handle the promotional end, then you need to go about getting the attention the exhibition deserves.

What’s a press release?

It seeks information about the artist, the work and the show. It’s targeted at the press who may want to report or even review your show. Equally, you can send the release to clients, contacts, curators, or anyone you think might be interested.

A press release contains:

Details: about the event, the name and location of the venue, what date it is on, information about the artist and the venue’s contact details.

Three paragraphs: about the work: this should contain the artist’s statement and their reasons for the exhibition. This portion should be clear, concise, informative, but engaging.

Information: about yourself as an artist, stating where you are from, your career details in art and involvement in more prominent exhibitions/achievements.

More details: about contacts: either a link to your online portfolio or website, more images and, crucially, your email and phone number to accommodate requests.

Image: Your PR should include at least one image and ArtSHINE we call it “Hero Image” that ideally is representative of your show. The image should also be large enough to be re-used easily.

Where to send a press release?

First and foremost you need to target the press release to potentially interested parties rather than a scattergun approach. These individuals or organisations should already have an interest in your work, have an interest in work that is similar to yours, write about the type of work that you create, or write about galleries in your area.

If you have a goal of obtaining gallery representation, you could also send the press release to galleries who show work similar to yours.

Your press release will receive more attention if you include a personal note, regardless of whether you know the recipient or not. The more you are familiar with the work of your recipient, the more likely your work is to receive attention.

Recipients should also include local and regional press, radio and TV for maximum coverage.

Here are five examples of press releases that you may find helpful:

Here is a press release for a Nester Kruger show at Art Metropole in Toronto

Here’s a press release for a John Storrs show at Grey Art Gallery. (Is this long press release engaging without an image?)

Here’s a press release for :

And a press release announcing a ArtSHINE Gallery introduces “Oztronomy” Solo Exhibition by Ed Hurst

What do you find effective in a press release?

What do you think is the most pertinent information to include?

Have you had success with sending out a press release? 

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