For many businesses, travel is unavoidable. It affords amazing business opportunities and allows you to see a bit more of the world while getting paid! But when people think about travelling business people, they tend to have quite a lot of misconceptions in their head. It’s important you don’t get into the endeavour with any of these myths in your head, so let’s get bust some of them now!

It’s always glamorous

Perhaps the most common misconception is that business travel is this really fun and glamorous thing. People imagine sharp-suited employees relaxing in first class on their way to the destination, having a chauffeur take them to the lavish hotel,  a five-star service where your heavy suitcases, your belongs are delivered to your room and being taken around the exciting parts of the city by their clients. But the reality? The flights (which are long and usually have you seated in economy) will leave you with perpetual jet lag. Your schedule will probably be too full with meetings to go exploring. Before you know it, you’re back on a plane and on your way back to the office.

It’s easy

Since when was arranging any sort of travel easy, let alone business travel – which usually involves making the arrangements for several people? Flights, accommodation, itineraries, dietary requirements, illnesses – they all need to be tended to. For employers, there are things like Travel Stream corporate travel management which can make the whole endeavor much easier. It’s worth looking into such solutions, which can at least bring you a little closer to that myth becoming reality!


There are loads of opportunities to do work

A lot of the business people who do this sort of traveling also have a few other commitments they need to take care of. They have text documents to read and write, spreadsheets to fill, emails to check… you may think you’ll have plenty of time to get stuff done on the flight, but what if the flight doesn’t have WiFi? Besides, most people end up finding it difficult to concentrate while they’re flying. The jet lag when they’re at the destination can also mess up their concentration. The itinerary probably won’t leave you with a lot of time for such tasks, anyway!

Loyalty programs are where it’s at

When business owners think of business travel, they often think about loyalty programs with certain airlines. While these can be great, you need to make sure you’re not paying too much to sign up with them. Many such loyalty programs rely on business owners being too busy to scan the Internet for the best travel deals that will end up saving them just as much money – if not even more money – than you’d end up saving through discounts and the collection of air miles!


It’s best for employees to book their own travel

Some employers may think they’re doing their employees a favor by letting them make all the arrangements when it comes to flights and hotels. Sure, giving them a budget and letting them do it themselves sounds like the best way to make sure they’re pleased with the arrangements, but it’s a time-consuming process. Employees rarely have time to deal with all of it!

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