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Having a bit of comfort and luxury in life is something that most of us aspire to, but too often we think that we will need to wait until we have lots of money in the bank to indulge ourselves. That just leads to us waiting and waiting and never doing the things we really want to or buying those few important objects that would enhance our lifestyle, which is sad because it is perfectly possible to live in the lap of luxury on a budget.

Here are some of the things you can do to bring a little luxury to your life for less:

Quality Over Quantity

If you’re serious about living in the lap of luxury, then you might have to cut down in your purchased altogether. Instead of buying lots of things, change your mindset and start spending your disposable cash on fewer high-quality items and experiences rather than lots of lower quality ones which won’t be quite as enjoyable.

Consider Pre-Owned

If you’ve spent years lusting after a designer handbag or you’ve always wanted an expensive car, you might not be able to buy one brand new, but you could get one in pretty much as a good condition if you buy pre-owned. You can buy everything from Pre-Owned Jaguars by Roadbend Motors to used designer clothing for a fraction of its original price, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the luxurious feeling you get from them, without breaking the bank or having to wait forever until you’re well off enough to buy.

Buy Food from Farmer’s Markets

If it’s luxury food that you lust after, instead of buying your produce from the supermarkets, head to your local farmer’s market where you will find higher quality produce at similar prices to those you will find at the store.

Be Flexible

If you’re willing to be flexible about where you go and what you do, you can get everything from theatre tickets to travel tickets for a fraction of their original price. Sure, you might have to wait in line or be willing to go to an unknown destination at the last minute, but you will get to enjoy some of the finer things in life, and that’s all that matters really.


Did you know that you can rent designer clothes? How about luxury cars? If you want to have a little slice of luxury for just a day or two, renting that BMW or designer handbag will give you a taste of the high life without emptying out your wallet. Renting is the perfect solution when you have a glitzy event to go to, and you want to make a good impression.

Shop Out of Season

If you buy winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the cooler months, you are always going to get more for your money because stores will want to clear out their excess stock to focus on what’s in season. You really can make huge savings and buy higher quality clothing, shoes and accessories by doing this.

Do you live a luxury life on a budget?

What are your top tips for living well for less?

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