Creativity Boosters For When Writer’s Block Hits

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Whether you are a hobby writer or make a career out of it, there will be days when writer’s block and you find that you just don’t know what to write about. This can last for a couple days, unfortunately! But that’s no reason to think that you’ve completely lost your creativity. In fact, there are a few things you can do to give your creativity a boost and really push past all that writer’s block.

Here are some great tips that should help you feel all the creative juices flowing again. And you don’t have to be just a writer to use them – they are also handy for other creative types to know just in case they lose sense of their creativity!

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Chill Out

Been feeling stressed recently? That’s bad news for your creativity! If you take the time to chill out and unwind, you will find that your inspiration and creativity starts to come back to you. You might want to really push the boat out and visit a therapy spa like Melbourne Wellness for some treatments. This is an especially good idea if you suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. If you just need to unwind after a hard day in the office, why not run yourself a nice, relaxing bubble bath?!


The more curious you are, the more creative you will feel. And there is no better way to get curious than to collaborate with others. By working together, you will all become a lot more interested in what each other is doing, and will instinctively ask a lot of questions. Not only that, though, but collaborating gives you a chance to hear other’s thoughts and opinions. You never know; something you hear or lean might give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

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Look In New Places

If you keep relying on the same sources of creative inspiration, you will end up coming up with the same old inspiration. Over time, that will get very boring. So, instead, it’s important that you broaden your search and keep on looking for creative inspiration in new places. Just like with collaborating, this will broaden your horizons. You will never know what to expect!

Just Keep On Writing

It might sound slightly intuitive, but you should really keep on trying to write, no matter how bad your writer’s block is. Facing a blank space can be very scary, but it’s important that you continue to write, as writing will help to kickstart your brain and spark new ideas. Just start with a couple of lines; it doesn’t really matter what they are about. What is more important is that you try to develop an idea from them, and then you can follow it to see where it takes you. You might be very impressed with the results!

Sure, no writer ever wants to suffer from writer’s block, but it is something that just can’t be avoided. But don’t worry – it never lasts forever! You’ll be writing again before too long.

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