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When you are running a business, you can often feel like you’re trying to spin several plates at once. There’s so much going on that it’s easy to become involved in what you are doing and ignore the world outside your office. Stop there, though. The world outside your office is as important as the work you are doing to support your business and try and promote that growth.

The employees that you have hired have likely been meticulously chosen through rigorous screening and interview days. The people you have working for you are contributing to the growth of your company in the same way you do and without them you wouldn’t have a company to speak of. Caring about your employees is important and when you get bogged down in the business matters that distract you from their hard work, you need to make up for it. So, as an employer, how can you take care of your employees so they know they’re appreciated? We’ve listed six ways that you can show your appreciation and take care of your employees, ensuring that they know they are heard and making them more productive in their jobs.

  1. Benefits. Salary is one thing when you hire someone, but what about the other benefits? Things like flexi-time for parents who are working, a Nationwide Super so they know they will have security once they retire and the chance for two duvet days a month so they can take the time to relax when life gets stressful. Think about what you would want if you were the employee and give it to yours.
  2. Welcome. When you hire someone new, make a point of welcoming them formally to the team. Go out for a team lunch so you can help them to blend with their new colleagues. We all know how daunting it is to start again somewhere new, so give them a helping hand.
  3. Don’t Micromanage. Employees may be working for you, but they’re also grown adults. They don’t need someone to restrict their internet usage or stand over them to make sure they get the job done. People are more productive when given broad targets to hit and autonomy to get things done. Sure, if you find this isn’t working, close the boundaries a little, but try to avoid overly hovering.
  4. Back Them. When there is conflict with clients – as sometimes there is – be on their side. If they’re in the wrong, support them by showing them the correct way to do the job. Admonishing and punishment only works if that style of management suits them, but it’s not a fun way to be. Let them feel like you support them in the workplace.
  5. Incentivise. It’s far nicer to work for an office that offer weekly target competitions, lunches out and working from home days. An employer who wants to motivate is one people will work for comfortably.
  6. Soften Up. It’s okay to discuss more than just the job. Show the people you hire that you are more than just a work machine and allow conversation to open up to more than just the workplace.

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