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Planning a fantastic company party, to celebrate a year of success or just to thank staff for all their hard work, doesn’t come without its fair share of planning, organising and creative thinking. If you are looking to create the best company party yet, follow our tips on how to guarantee that your next company jolly goes with a bang.

Call in the Pros

If you don’t have a specific event planning team or department within your company then you are definitely going to want to call on the expertise of a Corporate Event Hire and organisation company. The world of corporate events is much more complicated than we give it credit for, so if you are a novice at company parties you are definitely going to want to bring in the big guns so they can show you how it’s done.

Corporate event organisers will be able to work with you to secure the venue and all the other important details from the musicians, caterers, the venue decoration and all the logistics that surround a big company event. As so much planning and precision goes into organising a top-notch company party, there really is no better way to ensure the night goes without a hitch than to organise a reputable, reliable and well respected event management company in your local area.


Whether you decide to hire a pro, or whether you feel you are fit to take on the task yourself, you are going to want to get all your initial ideas down on paper. First things first, you need to conceptualise your ideas and the kind of event you are looking to organise. Whether it is a themed party, a team-building afternoon out of the office or a launch event, you are going to want to start by listing down all your ideas, detailing all the things that you would like and need to include, from food, music transport.


Is it very easy to burn through money when planning company parties and events. So setting a budget, and sticking to that budget, as much as possible it really important. Start with your overall budget and then start dividing it up into all the different areas of the event, based on the list you have made above. If your budget won’t quite stretch as far as you would like you will want to see what areas you can try and cut back a little and see where you can save some money, for example the mode of transportation, to invest it in other more important areas, for example the food.

Food & Party Details

Whether you are working with a party planner or organising this by yourself you will want to be there at the meetings with the venue, caterers and any other important meetings about the event. You will need to go through the different packages available for menus, alcohol, whilst not forgetting the other details such as musicians, bands, DJ’s, table decoration and the overall theme for the venue.

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