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Some people have something inside them that burns of creativity. Many freelance women find that they have a passion for fashion. You may be this type of person who has made their own clothing brand, in a style that you wish to empower and inspire people who wear your clothes. However, if you’ve gone through the design and manufacturing phase, you’ll be at the end of the line regarding your funds. Moreover, this is the part where uncertainty comes into the business model because you don’t know how much stock will sell. In the meantime, if you’re renting space in a warehouse of an industrial storage unit, the monthly payments themselves can bite into any profit you make. This also sets a clock on you, because soon you’ll be losing money instead of making money if you haven’t sold all the manufactured clothes. More intently, it’s better to run at your own pace, and have the ability to keep an eye on your products and keep them getting damaged in the hands of another.

Store conveniently

Rather than hiring a warehouse to facilitate your goods until the delivery service picks them up, ready to be taken to the distributor and sold, buy a shipping container, a small industrial container, or perhaps a medium-sized plastic container. Strong and sturdy, any of these storage structures would be great to store your personal clothing brand. They could be placed in your back garden or even leased a piece of land. To protect from the elements, and stop rainwater from coming into them, buy any one of heavy duty container shelters. Easily constructed, stable and protection from the elements, the shelters also circulate fresh air because of their arched design.

Pitching to marketers

Set up meetings with distributors, marketing companies, advertisers, and investors to passionately pitch them your clothing brand. To differentiate your product from the market, come up with a tagline or slogan that sums up the pure aim of your label. It shouldn’t be too grandiose as if you’re trying to change the world, but, it should be uplifting and emotionally connect with the target demographic. The marketing team may ask you how many units you can supply and the time that would take. Regarding figures, you can personally supply them with as many pieces your have in your storage unit, and do so directly or via a delivery service. You’ll know exactly how much stock you have without having to ring the warehouse to keep tabs.  

Credit –Francisco Osorio

Responding to trial runs

Independent clothing brands don’t immediately get the backing or the pleasure of selling on the shop floor of supermarkets or clothes stores. Initially, your product will most likely be called in for a trial run. The marketing team will ask you to bring in some of your best designs and have them delivered on a certain day and time. As you have personal access to the clothes at your container and shelter arrangement, you can hand-pick the best clothes and deliver them yourself to the distributors. You can do this as many times as you’re asked to by multiple businesses. The great thing about taking responsibility for your own storage is, you protect against loss of revenue. Most trial runs won’t be successful, and not paying to store your clothes in a warehouse, cuts out the middleman.

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