How to Keep Your Pets Safe in your Garden

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We all love our pets. They are our families members right?

Our little dog Kenji whose we missed terribly. He passed away last February and we remembered every time we looked for a house we used to make sure the house we picked must have all the ticks in the box such as there must be a park near by where we can walk him and a yard or garden so he can enjoy running around.

Gardens are a space that all the family enjoys and that also applies to our pets. However, as our gardens can pose many hazards and dangers to our pets it’s essential that we are taking all the necessary steps to keep them protected whilst they enjoy the great outdoors.


All pets like to push the limits and that’s also true when it comes to the boundaries in our gardens. If gardens are not properly fenced off we all run the risk of our pets wanting to explore beyond the confines of our backyards. The best way to stop this from happening to build up a fencing system around the perimeter of the garden. You can either take this on as a DIY job or hire the help of a fencing specialist. There are some gardens that don’t require a fence all the way around, if there are high walls for example, but for any sections of your garden, where your animal can sneak through, you should be fitting a protective fence. Not only will this keep your pets in, but it will also keep other predator animals, out.


Although they look beautiful in any garden, lilies are very toxic and dangerous to animals, in particular cats. Cats can develop toxicity from even just getting lillie pollen on their fur and the toxic component in lilies is so strong it can make animals really sick. Toxicity can manifest itself in vomiting, anorexia and even kidney failure so unfortunately these lovely flowers are a big no-no for any cat owners.

Tall, Damp Grass

Pet owners need to be mindful of the length and condition of their grass as tall and humid grass is a melting pot for fleas and ticks. Even though you can’t completely eradicate the possibility of your pets getting fleas and ticks, you can try to control it by reducing the long grass in your garden that these pests love so much.

Shaded Areas

Our pets can overheat very easily in the warmer summer months so it is really important that you are creating shaded areas for your pets to relax in. Not only will it keep them cool and relaxed but it can also help prevent them from developing life threatening illnesses. As dogs can get skin cancer, particularly lighter furred dogs, providing areas where they can lie out in the shade is one of the most important things you can do as a dog owner. For dogs that love to catch a few rays make sure you put some sunscreen on their nose and the tips of their ears where there is less fur covering the skin.

Dangerous Garden Equipment

You will want to make sure that you are storing your garden equipment safely away in a place where your pets can not access them. Pets can become really sick from eating garden products and can injure themselves on sharp and dangerous objects, so keep them all stored away and out of their reach.

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