As they say, time is money. It’s no truer elsewhere than in business. Every second wasted is time you’re paying for. You’re paying the bills to keep the place lit up, you’re paying wages, you’re paying in lost results. Lost time is a silent kill of business, but make no mistake: it’s a killer. Missed targets and lower productivity result in real losses that can put your business in danger. How are you losing that precious time and how do you stop it?

Your communication

When it comes to solving problems in the business and finding the best way forward, communication is key. How many does someone else in the office have a vital piece of information that another needs to do their week? You have to promote communication if you want your business to flourish. But how the team communicates is important, too. Bad communication can slow a day down even more. CCing people in an email that’s not relevant to them, having conversations over IM that are better had in person, and not using sticky information like online documents to allow individuals to instruct themselves can take up a lot of time.

Your equipment

When it’s not people failing to interface properly, it’s your equipment that does it. As the computer is the most commonly used piece of equipment, it can cause the most problems. Routine maintenance such as deleting obsolete files and cleaning the computer itself can make it run much smoother. But don’t forget the other equipment in the office such as the printers and copiers. If they’re taking up way too much of your time to be efficient business tools, find answers at Finally, don’t forget about the internet. Failing to have a backup internet connection can bring the business to a standstill if your connection goes down for an hour or even days.

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Your methods

Standardisation is the process of updating and creating methods that allow common tasks in the business to be completed more quickly. Without it, many of your employees might be trying old tasks for the first time in new ways and waste a lot of time finding their own methods. The methods they find might not be as efficient as other options you’ve discovered, either. If you’re dealing with a lot admin work, then you could also look at to outsource some of it. You need time to focus on the big stuff, so it might be worth paying to let others handle the little stuff.

Your employees (and maybe you)

Everyone is prone to distraction. All you can is remove the sources of it and tackle any motivation issues in the business. For instance, making your workplace a “no smartphone” zone and blocking certain internet sites from your employees can give them a lot less to be distracted by. If their work is so monotonous or unfulfilling that they’re easily distracted, however, you need to try solve that problem.

Businesses have to learn how to keep more of their time or risk the business. Distraction, poor time management, internet failures, equipment breakdowns. These are some of the dangers you need to start managing.

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