Offices were once solely a place to do business, but times have changed: today, they’re an extension of our business, helping to represent the company to business partners, and, indeed, the employees themselves. While it might be an exaggeration to suggest that a sub par office space could break a company, it does have a sizeable impact on the perception of your organisation. Below, we take a look at some of the factors that can drag the image of your office down – and how you can fix them if they’re not up to scratch.

A Buzzing Energy

Two scenarios. In the first, you walk into a muted office space that has employees working with downcast eyes, that screams of blandness in every corner. In the second scenario, you walk into an office space that is alive with energy, with employees collaborating with excitement. Which of the two would make the biggest impression? It’s the latter, of course. While some businesses lend themselves to more serious tones, most have the capacity to inject passion into everything they do. A buzzing energy will make potential business partners take note that you’re going places.

Looking Stylish

It’s hard to make a lasting impression if your office is a carbon copy of every other office that’s out there, with the same old furniture, layout, and colour on the walls. The decor of your office will tell your visitors exactly what your company is all about, even before they’ve heard a word of your proposals. If your office space is looking a bit uninspired, start looking for custom made office furniture and ways to bring some life to the walls, such as making the switch to bright colours. The impact of your office decor will also stretch beyond how your visitors view you: it’ll also give employee productivity a boost too.

Having Fun

Put simply; you want your employees to like being at work. They’ll be more productive and happier if they do, which will in return contribute to the overall tone and feel of the office and company at large. There are few things better than visiting an office where the employees look they’re enjoying being there; indeed, it’s these types of things that can nudge a company ahead of others that they’re competing with. You don’t need to go overboard with the fun. Just adding a pool table or gaming system, and a place to have after work drinks is all it takes.

Everything In-Sync

A buzzing, fun atmosphere and a well-decorated office are important, but the benefits will quickly come undone if the entire office isn’t in-sync and operating to its full capacity. You should be ensuring that your office is clean and that the process of greeting visitors at your reception is smooth. If you make a bad impression even before they’ve stepped foot in your office, you’ll be unnecessarily putting yourself at a disadvantage. It’s all in the details.

If your office needs an image boost, you know what to do!

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