Employee retention is important whether your business is big or small. Keeping employees means you save time and resources on training and hiring, not to mention money! However, many businesses have still not grasped employee retention, and find themselves with a high turnover. If this sounds like your business, the following reasons could be behind it:

No Employee Engagement

When your employees are engaged, they will be better at resolving problems, seem out challenges, offer support to busy colleagues, and more. There are an abundance of things you can try to improve employee engagement, depending on what you find most suitable for your company. Perhaps you could invest in team building activities, or have a clear ‘open door policy’ so your employees know they can talk to you. If you’re a poor manager, this won’t help either. Ensuring each employee is managed appropriately is important.

They Feel Bored

A bored employee is not a productive employee. Employees must be challenged to thrive in a work environment. Having growth and development opportunities for your employees is a must. You should also consider whether you have the right people for the job, and whether you’re giving the right feedback and recognition that your employees need.

You must treat your employees well, even when they leave you. If you treat them well in the first place, you should find that they stay with you for a longer period of time. However, when it does come to them leaving, you can use the infographic below to make sure it goes well.


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