While we all know the importance of marketing and what it can do for our company, we are, to an extent, still not sure how to utilize the right marketing tools at our disposal. And whether we use paid marketing methods or we do things off our own back, we are all undervaluing the most important aspect of marketing, and that is how we use marketing agencies. Building relationships is a fundamental part of developing our skills as leaders, but it’s also important for us to develop our communication skills on the creative front. A lot of businesses work with creative agencies but have no idea how to work with them effectively. So let’s get to grips with this.

Knowing How They Work

Firstly you need to understand how marketing agencies work. A common misconception when it comes to working with marketing agencies is that they will take all the work off your hands leaving you to press on with tasks you consider to be more important. However, this isn’t correct. You need to find the right marketing agency that will work with you to get what you need, even if you don’t necessarily know what it is you want. If you look at a company like, you could see that quality is the most fundamental part of their own marketing materials. We all want peace of mind when it comes to developing our marketing campaigns, but we also need to understand how they work too. It’s a symbiotic relationship and not just a company you can merely outsource some tasks to.

Developing The Relationship

Clarity is the key to this. From the first point of contact, you need to both agree on the strategies and the brief that the agency will work to. When working with any outsourced company, if you can define a clear brief for them to work to, it will help to build solutions gradually. Many marketing agencies act better when you give them a specific brief. By leaving them to operate under their own methodologies could mean a lot of changes further down the line. It’s also important to remember that agencies can be very “channel specific,” meaning that they won’t necessarily act in relation to what’s best for your business as a whole, but focus on one area. It’s your responsibility to keep track of the overall arc of the business.

Change Is Always Important

Developments and shaking things up from time to time is a vital part of improving your business and also how you work with agencies. A lot of agencies require creative stimuli and so if you are intending on a long-term relationship that benefits the both of you, it’s important to keep the creative juices flowing. And you will know inherently if your business needs a change, and if you are stuck for ideas you can always look for inspiration on sites like because it’s important for you to change and develop.

Working with an outsourced agency is one of the best relationships you could have, if you know how to do it properly! Marketing agencies can work with a specific mindset, but this applies to any type of business or company you want to outsource for a specific purpose. So it’s important to remember that you need to keep your vision of the bigger picture throughout any outsourced procedure.

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