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Transporting goods to customers is still big business thanks to internet-based ordering systems. Let’s face it, nobody wants the hassle of driving to the store anymore. Even business clients don’t want the face-to-face sales pitch or even ten minutes of your time on the phone. Instead, they will read about what they want to know on your website, your social pages, and customer review blogs. Once they’ve added their order to the cart and checked out, that’s when the logistics businesses leap to action.

Companies that deliver by road are facing tough competition. More and more businesses are entering the market, particularly at the consumer end with courier services. This means life is harder for businesses that have been established for a while. It’s essential you are running your services and your business as efficiently as possible. This might require a few small changes, but they’re ones you can make easily.

Start with your fleet. How are they maintained and how often are they replaced? Diesel trucks need to meet stricter rules and regulations on the road these days. Check your paperwork is up to date. It might be time to address your servicing contracts. If you’re looking to improve turnaround times or find a full-service garage, then shop around. You might choose to find out more about engaging the services of a diesel mechanic by to cover your roadworthy certificates and your fleet maintenance in one. Few logistics companies tackle this kind of work in-house anymore.

Now consider your delivery policies. As road safety becomes a priority, the urgency to improve turnaround times can lead to questionable practices. To ensure your company operates effectively, efficiently, and safely, it’s worth considering alternatives. The cost of fuel edges upwards frequently these days. This means it is more economical to avoid city traffic or high speeds on the faster roads. Is it possible to speed up loading and unloading? What about paperwork? Can electronic confirmations reduce the time spent with the recipient?

Consider using the roads at quieter times when there are fewer traffic snarl ups to delay you. Would this cost you more in labour? Would partnering with a smaller local courier for the last leg of the journey reduce your times and cost of delivering end-to-end services? Efficiency is important to your customer as well as your bottom line. It’s good to monitor and audit this area of your business regularly to determine if changes can be beneficial.

Many of your business customers have changed how they communicate and sell to their customers. Perhaps it’s time you addressed your own ordering system? How do you acquire new clients? When was the last time your website copy was updated? As your positioning strategy changes, it is a good idea to check you are sending out a consistent message. This can start with your web pages and should filter down through to your social media and promotions.

It’s hard to be efficient when you work in logistics. After all, the roads are so often against your schedule! How can you improve efficiencies in the way your business operates to help you gain a few more minutes for each delivery?

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