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Trade fairs are fantastic marketing opportunities. Not only do these events focus in on your target market, they also give you the opportunity to promote your business in person. Here are some tips to ensure that your trade fair experience is a success.

Get on social media

As soon as it has been confirmed that you will be hosting a stall at the trade fair, get on social media and start promoting the event. Use a hashtag for the event to notify people attending on Twitter. You can also use social media whilst you’re there, keeping people informed with posts and even using Facebook’s live feature.

Promote it everywhere

Promote the fact that you’re attending a trade fair wherever you can. Post the news on social media, give information on your website and send a news email to all of your clients.

Research your competition

There will be lots of other businesses at the trade fair – check that there are none that offer similar services to yourself. You should be given a map before attending. Research your competitors online and find a way of making your stall stand out from theirs.

Is your convention outdoors?

If so, make sure to order a marquee or tarpaulin. It could be worth fixing on signage with Eurotech Eyelets – this will stop signs blowing away in the wind. Don’t forget to bring anoraks and warm clothing in case of a downpour too.

Make it interactive

People will gravitate to your stall if you offer something interactive. Consider things like videos, free samples, competitions and demos of your product. Have somebody in front of the stall enticing passers by either by handing out leaflets, freebies or tasters.

Feed people’s interest

Even if your business isn’t food-related, there may be a way of still enticing people in with food. Consider tactics such as these branded M&Ms. You could even offer passers-by a glass of champagne for taking part in a competition or survey.

Buy branded bags

If people can buy your product from the stall, consider investing in branded bags for them to carry the product back in. These bags will advertise your stall to everyone else at the convention.

In fact, put your brand on everything

Make people see your brand by placing it everywhere. On top of banners, consider branded balloons and flags. You could even get branded t-shirts ordered for the people running your stall to wear.

Do a talk

At some trade fairs, they may have a special area for people to do talks. If you’ve got the guts to do it, this could be an extra chance to promote your business. You will most likely have to apply beforehand.

Find time for networking

Try to find time during the event to take a look around the stalls yourself and talk to other business owners. There may be people who you can form cross-promotion opportunities with or services that you yourself require and could get a discount on.

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