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As creatives, we set up in business to do what we love best – and to bring that skill to others. So it’s no wonder that sometimes the everyday operations side of running our own small businesses can seem like hard work. That’s why taking some easy, cost-effective steps to market what your company is all about can pay dividends. Get those leads rolling in, and you’ll be able to take more time to focus on the real work:

1. Get to grips with AdWords

With the online life we all lead these days, Google Adwords remains one of the most visible and cost-effective ways to promote a small business – and all from your desk. It pays dividends to get comfortable with how to run an effective pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign through this platform. The real secret is effective keyword research. The more targeted the phrases you bid on, the lower the cost and the more likely prospects are to convert. Set aside a regular weekly time slot to give your keyword bids a bit of attention and use one of the free online resources for proper keyword research.

2. Look into promotional materials

So, you’ve made inroads into the world of online advertising, but make sure you don’t neglect your physical marketing presence too. The best advertising combines real-world media to raise awareness with more targeted digital ads. The old truism that people buy from people remains true – and as a small business, often it’s that personal touch that sets you apart from larger companies. Make sure you schedule in regular attendance at exhibitions, conferences and networking meetings. Considering investing in promotional items like postcards, mini USBs or banner stands. Never underestimate the impact of strong branding to help you start a conversation with your next prospect.

3.Partner up with like-minded businesses

Thinking creatively is what you’re good at, right? So call those skills into play to identify opportunities for collaboration with non-competing businesses in the local ecosystem. Design clothes? Could you work with a local hairdresser or beauty salon to promote your designs? Build websites for a living? How about offering a free coffee and consultation in partnership with that local artisan coffee house? Think about possible connections between what you do, and what others can offer

4.Create an online presence

These days, it’s not enough to simply create a website – you have to leverage the power of other networks to drive enquiries to your door. There so many channels to consider – you could offer guest posts for popular blogs, use Google My Business to become visible on Google Maps, host webinars on your site and promote them via LinkedIn Groups or use your design skills to create eye-catching shareable infographics.

With just a few simple steps, and some time set aside each week, you’ll see leads begin to grow. Focus on keeping those contacts happy and word-of-mouth recommendations plus repeat business should free up more of your time to spend creating and doing what you love best.

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