Business is a fickle mistress. If you don’t treat her right, she can slap you to the curb and take away everything you’ve built together. Luckily, with business insight like that found on this blog, you shouldn’t have to experience the worst of all of these consequences. Wisdom trumps all most of the time.

One of the best ways to keep your business working and lubricated between departments is to make sure your communication is absolutely functioning well. Unified communication simply gives you a quick, responsive and open method of contacting all of your departments with ease, as well as PR and B2B connections you might need. Staying open and responsive in your business communication is simply the most important thing you can do for a firm of any size. Businesses from Amazon, Coca Cola all the way down to your local accountant’s office all use them in order to stay on task. But here’s truly what communication can benefit your business with:

Reacting To Issues

Reacting to issues and emergencies is only executed as well as you can communicate about it. Firms who have miscommunications between departments are often too slow to react to change or even accurately understand what that change is, and in these circumstances then chaos can occur, and employees become unmotivated. There should be nothing within your firm which acts in this way, and communication is the tool to identify those problems and solve them immediately. Your business is only as good as the weakest link of its internal operation, and so in this instance it is of paramount importance to make sure communication doesn’t hold this title.

Staying Reachable

Your business, even when closed, should be reachable in some regard. Even rudimentary answer phone messages go a long way in making sure you don’t miss any inquiries, difficulties with suppliers or miss staying out of the loop with events that can affect your business proceedings. For example, if your business has been fortunate enough to attract the attention of a new investor, they will often only call once, maybe twice if you’re fortunate, to register their interest with you. If you’re unable to pick up the phone both of those times, you’re going to put them off because it seems unprofessional. Catching every fish that comes within your boat is only possible if you have the solid and thick net of a communications system.

Staying Modern

Most modern communication implements exercise the same utilities. This can range from online VoIP calls to Skype functionality, Google Hangouts access as well as standard landline communication if there is a fault with any of these systems in the first place. Keeping on top of change means you need to have the tools to keep up with that change. Certain businesses or important clients you work with will prefer different means of communication, and so making sure you can stay compatible with them all will give you a leg up in growing your business from all angles.

These tips can help your business stay open, reactive and communicative, the most important virtues it can hold.

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