Running a business is never easy. There are a million things to do, say and think about in a day. Reading this blog will help you get very far, but if you don’t have the right attitude to fuel those tips, you’ll have difficulties working well towards your end goals. Luckily, if you’re reading this blog, you most likely have that ready and waiting, and you’ll go far with it. However, if you’re not careful, unexpected situations can arise which promise to turn your business into a playground of difficulty as opposed to a place to withdraw profit and satisfaction.

One of these unexpected difficulties is security concerns that can arise from a lack of careful forethought and planning. Over and above physical break ins, there are many items of difficulty you need to be aware of in order to overcome the pressing and modernizing effects on business which are happening at a daily rate. A person’s business is their true castle these days, and so taking a hard, fast and uncompromising attitude towards the security process will give you the help you need in overcoming these issues. The tips below will help you with this:


A CCTV surveillance system is the first line of defence against people trying to break into your offices, factories or warehouses. A business is likely carrying many tens of thousands of valuable equipment, stock and paper information which can give a successful thief a field day. However, there is simply no better way to catch prospective crooks, even those who simply seem a little bit strange or trespass slightly, than with a CCTV security system.

You should have one installed inside your property to monitor the proceedings inwardly, as well as on the exterior of your building. This is because those with negative intentions aren’t always people from outside, but employees from within. While it’s always beneficial to trust and treat your employees with respect, obviously you can never 100% tell the inward character of a person, and understand what they are willing to do for a little extra profit.

This doesn’t mean you should spy on your staff, but making sure points of interest are covered with cameras can give you peace of mind if something does occur. This also includes retroactive interest in finding out what has caused a situation to occur. For example, if you run a restaurant and notice that your change is coming up short after your count every night, you might find that an employee is stealing from the till. You will never know if you can’t observe, as plainly accusing people is always counterproductive and morally wrong. Know for sure all of the problems which occur inside and outside your building by ascribing to this formula.


If you’re dealing with innovative products, or simply have an operation worthy of envy, you may be a target of business espionage. This is where people professing to be one thing enter your business with plans to study how you conduct business. Online, this looks like hackers attempting to get into your cloud-based storage system in order to access your files and read the important inner documents which keep you afloat.

For the first consideration, the only way to circumvent this is to do proper background checks on the people interviewing for your position before you hire them. Many businesses require grades, references among others, but fail to actually investigate and confirm their validity. However, online, the story is a lot different. The buck lies with your team, and anyone in your name using a computer system. Education is key here, as well as installing a few useful programs.

At your earliest convenience, schedule a team meeting and emphasise the point of computer and internet safety, including common practices that your staff should use in order to prevent them being compromised online. This might look like educating them about password security and complexity, or simply teaching them to avoid dodgy websites without security certificates or click on advertisements at all.

On the subject of password security, it really is important to get this right. Short, easy passwords to figure out are not only simple to guess, but are easy to brute force in the event of a virus or other form of online system being compromised. Choose to use long passphrases with different capital letters at random. These long characters make someone forcing their way into your system require much more effort to complete, but they needn’t be difficult to remember. As an example using a password such as ‘MyBUsinEssSEcurityISImportant@123’ is complex, but easily memorable. This lessens the need for you to write down your password in places which are accessible in a much easier way.

From your perspective, installing a VPN can help you stay protected and encrypted on the network you use, and it’s the most popular way of doing business online these days. There are many great packages available online, so find the one most suitable for you and install the licensing for your VPN. Educate your staff about how to log in, especially if working from home. Even when using cloud storage, these VPN’s should protect all of the login information you use to ensure that noone can gain access without great and often overbearing effort.

Back Up

You can have the most protected castle in the world, but if the foundations give out, your security add ons are worthless. In this way, making sure that your backups are saved and protected, including all of your important business documents, client and staff information as well as solid order forms is of paramount importance. Backup your files in more than one time in more than one place, and make sure you keep to at least a weekly schedule of making sure your backups are still online, are hosted in multiple forms, and are easily accessible to you but protected from anyone else.

These tips will help your business stronghold stay protected, and will deter would be physical and online thieves from taking away the resources that makes your business run so well.

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