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If you’ve set up a new, creative business, and are fresh on the scene; you’ll want to get off to a great start and leave a positive impression on your potential customers and clients. There’s no better way to promote your arrival than to throw a launch party to remember, so it might be time to start making some lists and organising your event.

If you take various elements of your party into careful consideration and plan it effectively; your launch will be one to remember and will give your new business the boost it needs to compete in today’s market. The following are some tips and ideas on what to think about if you’re planning to get your company off to the best start possible with a successful launch.

The Guest List

You’ll obviously want to celebrate the launch of your startup with your friends and family, so it’s a given that they’ll be top of your lists when it comes to guests. However, you’ll also need to bear in mind those who will benefit your new brand and can help you sell, promote, and invest in your products or services. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do your research and pick people who will fill out your launch and send them a formal, professional invitation, well in advance of the party.

Look for business people in your local area, and further afield, who would be able to attend and who would take an interest in who you are. Strike up a conversation and build on a relationship beforehand, so that your invite doesn’t seem to appear out of nowhere. A little networking before your launch will go a long way in making it a success, so get out here and figure out who you need to be talking to.

The Theme

As a fresh, small business; you won’t want to spend too much money on extravagant themes and over-the-top parties that will distract from your brand and what you do. Ensure that your branding can be seen in every area of the space, and choose your colour palette wisely. Look into companies like Promotions Warehouse and think about giving your guests gifts and useful items with your company logo and tagline on; you could hand these out at the entrance (or exit) to your event, or have them available to pick up around the space. The more your guest see and get used to, your brand identity the better; you want them to leave with a strong sense of who you are, so make sure it’s apparent.

The Location

The time, date, and location of your launch party will affect who turns up and who is unable to come. It’s never a wise choice to throw an event during normal business hours; so, stick to weekends and evening affairs. Make sure that the location is in a well-known destination and the are plenty of transport links nearby, and everyone can access the party with ease. Make it simple for your guest to get to your event, and it will appeal to a wide audience of your invitees, and your launch party will be a successful start to your new business.

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