Did you know that stress is the number one cause of work absence for both employees and management? That means it is definitely something that should be taken seriously, even if you are working in a seemly more relaxed creative atmosphere. With that in mind here are some suggestions you can follow to alleviate some of the stress particularly in creative workplaces so you can be successful without reaching breaking point.

Wise use of your time

Next, a huge stress reliever is to be confident in identifying what is useful for you to do and what isn’t. Just because you are running the business doesn’t mean that you have to do every single job yourself. In fact, if the business is running properly you should be able to divide up role and responsibilities between yourself and others.

A good way of doing this is to ask yourself the question, “Is this task a wise use of my time?” There are a lot of things that you can successfully hand over to others, like using professional office relocation services to help with moving, having someone in the admin team deal with filing and reprographics, and having team managers give weekly briefings to the staff. Don’t fall into the trap of doing everything just because the buck seemly ends with you. As all you will be doing is making a rod for your own back, and storing up stress for a breakdown later on!

Managing creatives

Creatives are a quirky and interesting bunch, as a general rule. They are fun guys and girls to work with because they see the world in a slightly different way, and it’s this different take on things that can prove so useful in the workplace. Allowing them to find creative solutions for the problems you place in front of them.

However, to get the best out of a creative workforce, you need to be aware of and provide the conditions that they need to excel. By doing this, you provide the most productive environment and help to reduce both your and their stress levels.

So, what is the perfect creative work environment like? Well, firstly it’s vital to pay attention to the aesthetic of the place. A dark, dingy building isn’t going to do much to get the creative juices flowing. Natural light from full windows is always a good idea, as are clean white walls and lots of office greenery.

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Creative environments also tend to be more relaxed as well. With break out and chill out areas, as well as work spaces, with access to drinks and snacks. While this might seem like an unnecessary overhead, it is, in fact very useful because as anyone that is familiar with the creative process knows, it is not a consistent thing. If you keep pushing it too hard, the ideas and flow will dry up, producing unoriginal and stagnant work. That is why by allowing folks to take breaks when they need to will allow you to get a much higher quality product at the end, as well as producing a happier workforce. Two factors that should help to minimise your stress levels as well.


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