Keep Your Office Outdoor Space Comfortable, Yet Stylish

There’s nothing better than sitting in the garden outside of your office when the sun’s out, with the warm heat caressing your skin while the breeze gently blows at your hair, as you take a sip of something cool and refreshing, and think about how good business is in that very moment… – But what if there’s no breeze? And it’s hot, but too hot. So hot that you daren’t move because you’re sweating so much you can barely breathe! – That, on the other hand, isn’t as wonderful as your ten minute break should be.

So how can you keep your garden area shady when you need to, without ruining the whole space?

– Here’s how.

Growing green

Investing in some foliage that not only brightens your outdoor space up with pretty shades of green but creates that secret hideaway effect, will give you the shade you need while giving off nice scents and sounds every time the wind blows. The great thing about this is that when you no longer want it shaded, all you have to do is get the gardener to trim the area back until you’re happy with how it looks – it’ll soon grow back again, so don’t worry if a lot is taken off.

Wooden structure

If you like the natural vibe, then a wooden structure will look wonderful in the garden area and fit in perfectly. Better yet, you can have one custom built so that it can be personalised to the style of your office. If you’d still like to let in a considerable amount of sunlight, why not have some framework created that has patterned spaces made so that the sun can shine through, while still blocking enough so that you don’t end up overheating. This will also make a pretty feature to the garden, as well as serving a purpose.

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Umbrella magic

If you’re envious of the large, solid parasols that you see when you go to a restaurant or a hotel – there’s no need to be. You can get your own commercial umbrellas online. These beauties are strong enough to stand through any kind of weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about one falling over as soon as the wind picks up. Plus, they come in all different forms, shapes, sizes and colours too, so you can really make them a nice addition to the outdoor space.

Bohemian balance

Something as simple as a funky piece of fabric can give you the perfect amount of shade, will painting your body with the colours from the material you have chosen. As long as it’s big enough, you can hang this wherever you want, and move it around whenever you want. Just make sure that your fabric is appropriate for the outdoors so that the colours can’t run, and the sun won’t fade them, as well as being strong enough to stay tied up in place.

Now you see the different ideas you have to play with, have a walk around the office garden and see what you think will fit in best. Remember, it’s all about creating the right atmosphere for everyone.

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