The key to staying healthy is cutting out bad habits. Unfortunately, we are only human and everyone has a practice or two which they can’t shake. For some it’s smoking, for others it’s drinking alcohol, and there are the people who overeat. The chances are you have tried all the tricks in the book to break the chain. However, what you may not have attempted is to delve into your subconscious Inception-style. Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio you are not, but even mere mortals can change their unconscious behaviour.

All you have to do is follow the tips below.

Limit Negativity

Have you ever felt blue and immediately looked in the fridge? One of the reasons is because negativity makes us think we are allowed to take a day off. In a depressed person’s mind, it’s okay to eat unhealthily because, well, the day can’t get any worse. The more you think that way, the harder it is to maintain good habits. The trick is to try and limit the amount of cynical data to prevent unhelpful emotions. Watching non-positive news stories or lousy reality TV appears harmless yet it can affect your mentality. Try and analyse what is positive and negative and change the channel for your benefit.

Go Under The Watch

Hypnosis seems like a fad which lures in naïve people who believe in hocus pocus and voodoo. The truth is that hypnotherapy is an authentic way to gain access to your brain and alter your attitudes. How it works is simple: a trained professional hypnotises a patient and targets the problem areas. Of course, a session of therapy is required to help the expert diagnose the issues. But, once they are confident they know what’s wrong, a pro can make subtle tweaks. A word of warning: only target the harmful stuff.

Take Control Of Time

Time is a concept which is truly difficult to understand for human beings. Watching the second tick by on a clock is simple, yet that is just one facet. Time dictates people’s lives in so many ways that it’s scary. Often, the pressure of a ticking clock leads to feelings of stress and anxiety. What happens when your cortisol levels are high? You turn to a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of beer and the habit takes a stronger grip. Taking precious minutes for yourself by avoiding distractions is a simple and effective way to manage time and subconscious. Thirty minutes a day is the recommended daily dosage.

Don’t Be Critical

Constructive criticism is essential for growth, but over-egging the pudding is dangerous. People who berate themselves usually put too much pressure on fragile shoulders. Instead of being able to see their accomplishments, they only look at the failures. Anyone who is trying to quit should dole out self-congratulatory praise even if the milestone is small. Smoking nine cigarettes a day instead of ten is a positive step in the right direction.

Of course, it goes without saying that sleep is vital in breaking any bad habit. It’s doubly important when you are trying to recreate the movie Inception!

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