I’m sure that most of you have heard some truly awful stories about other people’s bosses. In fact, some of those nightmare stories might sound so bad that you’d think they’d been entirely made up for a storyline in the Horrible Bosses film franchise. Sadly, though, that isn’t usually the case – there really are some truly bad bosses out there who are very prepared to make their employees’ lives a living hell.

But how bad can it get really? Here’s our scale of horrible boss stories.

Not Too Bad – The Boss That Ignores You And Takes Your Success

All of the best bosses are pretty hand on and are always prepared to listen to their staff and help their employees in any way shape or form. Unfortunately, though, you might meet a boss who isn’t interested in their workers whatsoever. In fact, some bosses will go to all the trouble of ignoring their workers without as much as a polite ‘good morning’ or ‘goodbye’. That’s not that bad, but when that same boss then tries to claim your success or hard work as his or her own… hoo boy, that just takes the biscuit.

Starting To Get Annoying – The Micro Manager

And then there are the bosses who love to micromanage. You know the ones – they are a bit too interested in what you do. They’ll try and offer their two cents whenever they get the chance, even when it isn’t always welcome on your part. If you ever find that you are working with a micro manager, you should try to have a quiet word with them. They might not even realise they are being so suffocating, and will back off as soon as you let them know.

The Absolute Pits – The Boss Who’s Finger’s On The Fire Button

There are some bosses who go through employees as if they are going out of fashion. Employee turnaround in the company will be incredibly high, and workers will constantly be too scared to do or say anything in case they are given the sack. If you think that you have been unfairly dismissed from work, it’s important that you speak to an employment lawyer as soon as possible. They will be able to see if you have a case worthy of an employment tribunal.

Absolutely Unforgivable – The Sexual Harasser

Over the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve read about some industries uncovering a lot of sexual harassment in their workplaces. It’s upsetting to find out that most of those to blame were in rather high-up positions in these companies. Has your boss ever made any unwelcome advances to you? If so, you need to let other managers in the company know as soon as possible and speak to a lawyer if necessary.

So, as you can see, some annoying bosses are ok to deal with while others are bang out of order. Make sure you deal with any issues with your boss in the correct way as soon as possible!

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