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Today’s post is far from our usual post. We have a clients talked to us about her visit to her son who studies in college and stays in the college dorm for the past two years. During the coaching session she mentioned the importance of cleaniness and hygiene for her son’s dorm. From our conversations, I  discovered  a few things about how to keep the college dorm fresh and funky.

College students, especially freshmen, have a reputation for being far from clean. You know the kind of thing I’m on about – if you imagine a college student’s dorm room, you probably conjure up an image of an unmade bed surrounded by piles of dirty clothes. As you can probably tell, that isn’t exactly a healthy way to live. The air in your room will quickly become stale, and you might find that your dorm room becomes a breeding ground for some very unpleasant germs and bacteria!

Not willing to live like this when you go to college? Well, here is everything you need to know about keeping your dorm room as fresh as possible and free from any funky smells!

Keep On Top Of Your Washing

If you don’t do all of your washing and laundry for weeks on end, then there is a really big chance that your room will start to smell. That’s just because of all the dirty laundry that will be lying around on the floor! So, you should try and do your laundry once a week. Do it on a specific day each week so that you start to get into the habit of it and never forget.

Get A Good Air Conditioning Unit

It’s always good to open your windows as often as possible to air out your bedroom. However, not all dorm rooms will come with windows and sometimes you might be stuck with a very small one that isn’t much use. If this sounds like your room, you should invest in a portable aircon so that you can add some freshness to your dorm room whenever it needs any. Not only that, though, but this small aircon unit will also help to keep your room cool throughout the summer months.

Use Some Baking Soda

Can you smell something in your room? Not sure what it is or where it is coming from? That doesn’t matter, there is still one way you can successfully get rid of any bad odours. Just use some baking soda! You’ll find that this is incredibly cheap to buy in the supermarket. You can simply sprinkle it onto your carpet for some instant freshness, or place a mixture of water and baking soda in a bowl on your windowsill. The soda will absorb any odours from the air!

Add A Few Pot Plants

It’s also a nice idea to add a few pot plants to your room. First of all, these will help to brighten things up a bit. Not only that, though, but they can help to freshen the air in your room. In fact, there are some species of plants that are known for removing various toxins from the air. These include ones like spider plants and peace lilies. Pop these in your dorm room and you will rarely have to tackle any foul smells again!

Worried about a smelly dorm room? Now that you know the above tips, you have nothing at all to worry about!

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