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Productivity is an idea that flips back and forth. You can be productive in the five minutes you have spare to yourself at the end of the day, using emails to secure a new marketing campaign. Or, you can spend about 10 hours at work and not get anything of worth done whatsoever. Either way, your business practices look like they need to be refined a little! If you’re looking for some advice on how to do so, or you’re just curious as to why productivity in business has only just risen in the late quarter of 2017, here’s some ideas for you.

Let Go of Habits

Habits take a lot out of us, and identifying the ones that mean we waste time is essential to put in some more work elsewhere. Sometimes all we need to do as business owners is check our own schedule to see where things are going wrong. Consulting our own timelines and removing unnecessary actions means maybe time could be better spent elsewhere, instead of that hour long meeting you have at 3pm.

It’s easier said than done however, so don’t worry if you don’t pick up your personal productivity immediately. We have to get used to things, and replacing actions we’ve done for a long time are often met with mixed results. Let it stick for a while and see how it can help.

Target the Office Space

So you got yourself a loan from and you’ve refurbished the office, yet nothing has changed, despite the careful plan you drew up. You’ve tried every combination of colours said to make people feel relaxed and happy whilst at work, and you’re at a loose end. With that in mind, maybe it’s not the surroundings that need a bit of a change, but the way people within the office interact.

Maybe people distract each other, with a chatterbox on either end keeping people from getting work done. Of course talking shouldn’t ever be stamped out, but if you know someone has a reputation for messing around, it’s time to have a chat with them about it. It could even be an idea to rearrange desk spaces in the office, as an open plan is often not the best way forward. It can be loud, distracting, and seriously harm work practices.

Make the Time Count

Even if you’ve put the hours in, it can feel like you’ve done nothing and got nothing to show for it. If you feel you’re not living a good life alongside your business, as in you’re not getting enough sleep or not sleeping properly, then it’s time to make a change!

We’re productive when we’re happy! Use this to your advantage and take a proper lunch break, as thousands of people don’t tend to do, and refuel your system. You’ll get more work done as a result, and to a higher standard. Find more reasons why at

Yes, productivity can be easy to keep flowing!

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