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A business is an entity that has multiple images underneath itself. Brought together, each image defines an element of your business identity, from a visual that serves as a personal identification to the way the market perceives your company. These images are often part of a branding strategy. However, more often than not, it can be easy for newcomers to the business world to feel lost in the lingo and miss the essentials, namely that you need to be seen in a

You need a visual that people won’t forget

If you’re in the process of launching your company, it’s likely that you’ve spent a lot of time considering your business name to choose the most relevant and pertinent one. But how much time have you dedicated to the creation of your logo? Too many startups and small businesses turn to logo-making apps to save money as they create their visual identity. Let’s be straight here: The result is rarely satisfying. The reason why you need an expert to design your logo is that it’s more than just a logo. It’s the foundation of your brand and what will help future customers to recognise you. Consequently, you need an image that is individual – aka, don’t copy your competitors –, displays the right fonts and colours for your company, and conveys the proper message.

You need to establish your brand

Your logo is your first image. Keeping your branding and message constant while extending beyond the needs of a logo is the second and most crucial step. When you meet new leads or partners and give them your business card, it should be obvious from the design of the card that you are part of the company. There’s no point picking a colour palette for your logo and printing out the rest of your marketing brochures in a different one! That’s why you need to pick a trusted supplier: G Force Printing are expert printers who will give you satisfaction. Remember: Every brochure, card and email shares the brand image. Make a unified and positive impression!

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You need to look after your reputation

Finally, the image that people associate with your brand is called your reputation. The small moments where you connect with your interlocutors, whether they are partners or customers, matter and contribute to the perception of your business. Consequently, the quality of your customer services, the presence or absence of firm-related scandals, and your attitude as a leader are the foundation stone of a healthy image. There is naturally room for mistake, as long as you recognise them for what they are: A learning tool to help you improve your business.  

In short, when a picture is worth a thousand words, your business image is worth a thousand growth hacking strategies. Look after it.

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