These days there are so many reasons why people might travel to a different country. Maybe you’re going to study overseas, perhaps you have to go on a business trip, or maybe you just wanted a lovely holiday. Well, whatever the reason, it’s important to remain fit and healthy while you’re away. Unfortunately, because of how easy it is to travel between countries these days, people often book holidays without thinking about the consequences on their body. Of course, remaining healthy isn’t always easy while you’re travelling, but it certainly isn’t impossible, and it’s necessary to maintain your happiness and ensure that your trip isn’t wasted. Here are some tips to help you while you’re away.

  1. Do Your Research

Before you book your flights or accommodation, you need to do as much research on the country that you’re visiting as you possibly can. This is because different countries have different health risks, and you may need to get vaccines and immunizations a few months before you go anywhere. Just in case your own health isn’t motivation enough for this, a lot of countries require proof that you’ve had these vaccines, so you won’t be allowed in the country if you haven’t had them.

  1. Stock Your First Aid Kit

When you visit your doctor for your vaccines or immunizations, they may advise that you purchase some different medications, such as antidiarrheal medications, to take with you while you’re away. When you do this, it is also sensible to stock a small first aid kit for the journey. This should include any medications you were recommended or prescribed, insect repellent, water-purification tablets, and the usual stuff, like plasters, bandages, scissors, and tweezers. This might seem a little over the top, but trust me, if anything does happen, you’ll be glad you have it with you.


  1. Purchase Travel Insurance

You should never go abroad without travel insurance. Not only will it protect you if you lose your luggage or your flight is cancelled, but it will also help if you get sick or injured. If you don’t have insurance, then you might have to pay an incredibly expensive medical bill, which is something you just might not be able to afford. Having travel insurance also means that you are advised on which medical facility is best for you, and will have someone to arrange transport for you.

  1. Take Your Medical History

If you suffer from a preexisting condition, then it’s always sensible to carry a copy of your medical history around with you at all times. You can have yours saved onto a USB stick, rather than carry around a physical copy. This will ensure that, if the worst happens and you have to go into hospital, that the doctors will know everything they need to right away, rather than having to wait for information or make any assumptions.

  1. Know Your Body

When you’re in a foreign country, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your body, and know when something is wrong with it. For example, if you’ve noticed that you have developed a new mole or an existing one has changed, you should visit a skin clinic to get it checked out, as it could be serious. Similarly, if you have a fever, this is considered a medical emergency in some countries, so it’s important to seek medical help right away.


  1. Drink Bottled Water

When you’re busy rushing off to business meetings or exploring cities you’ve never seen before, it can be hard to remember to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Unfortunately, dehydration is absolutely awful, so drinking enough water is essential. Just remember, drinking water in other countries, especially underdeveloped countries, is rarely a good idea and can make you really sick, so be sure to only drink from sealed bottles. To be extra careful, you should even brush your teeth with bottled water.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

When you’re visiting somewhere new and exciting, it can be easy to take the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” approach to life, and stay awake as much as you possibly can. While this might allow you to see more sights, you probably won’t feel great when you do. In fact, you’ll probably feel incredibly tired, irritable, and sluggish, and so you won’t be able to enjoy your trip as much. Lack of sleep also weakens the immune system, so you are more susceptible to getting ill, which could also ruin your trip. To avoid this, just make sure to get a good night’s sleep every night you’re away.

  1. Cook For Yourself

Travelling abroad is a great way to try new experiences, and one of the most common ways that people do this is by trying local food. When you’re busy with meeting or exploring, popping to a cafe or a restaurant for a meal is a quick and simple option, but, unfortunately, it might not be the healthiest. You won’t know what exactly is going into your food, and so, if you were on a meal plan back home, you could be eating way more calories than you’re used to. If you’re busy, then you won’t be able to exercise as much to burn it off. Rather than do this, it’s much more sensible to cook at least one meal for yourself each day, so that you know that you’re getting some nutrition into your body.


  1. Keep Up With Exercise

Just because you’re in a different country, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about your workouts. If you’re not going to be sticking to a meal plan while you’re away, then the least that you can do is get the blood pumping now and then. If your accommodation has a gym then use it, but if it doesn’t make sure to do some simple exercises in your room, walk wherever you can, and consider going for a jog.

Staying fit and healthy while you’re abroad might not be easy, but with the tips above, it should be a lot more achievable.

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