What Your Office Is Telling Your Employees About Your Business (Whether You Want It To Or Not)

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Your office is so much more than where you work. It’s the physical embodiment of your business. For many businesses, the way in which their office is laid out, decorated and managed serves as a microcosm for how they expect their employees to behave in the workplace. It should be decorated in a way that reflects your branding, while encouraging the attitude, work ethic and aptitudes that you expect from those around you. This will vary from business to business. You may want to create a fast paced and dynamic working environment that’s all go all the time. You might want to opt for something more laid back, sedate and conducive to productivity. You might want to divide the space into cubicles to ensure that your employees can work without distraction, or opt for a wide open space that encourages collaboration and teamwork.

There are no right or wrong approaches to office fitouts. The way in which you decorate your workspace will depend on your personal preferences as an entrepreneur and the working environment that you deem best for your workplace. Whatever approach you choose, however, it’s important to give sufficient thought to the kind of statement your office makes to your employees. If you don’t give the space due consideration, it may end up saying some deeply unflattering things about you to your employees, such as…

I’m better than you

You could be a humble and personable human being, but your office could be inadvertently labelling you as an egotist who spends their days closeted away in your ivory tower, unwilling to sully yourself by engaging with your employees. If you have your own office, far from where your employees work and separated from them by a door that’s perpetually closed, this may paint an unflattering portrait of you as a boss. Moreover, if you conduct most of your interactions with your employees from behind your desk, this may place an additional barrier and a sense of “them” and “us” between you and your employees. Needless to say, this is not conducive to a happy and collaborative working environment.

I don’t care about the environment

It’s no longer enough for a business to turn a profit, anymore. They are expected to turn a profit ethically. An environmental conscience in a business is no longer a novelty, it’s a necessity not only in the eyes of your clients and customers but in the eyes of their employees. Your employees want to go to work knowing that they’re making a difference and if your office environment isn’t taking steps to protect our environment, this is a huge PR no-no.

I have low expectations

When your employees come in for work first thing in the morning, what do they see? Do they see a neat and tidy environment that’s essentially a blank canvas to which they can bring their ideas and plans for the day? Or do they see a mess of paperwork, festering coffee cup rings, litter and dust? A presentable work environment subliminally communicates the standards you expect from your employees, and if they come to work in a messy and slovenly environment that’s the easiest way to communicate low expectations.

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