Viewing your business as one of your employees is essential to do. Too much time at the top can warp your perspective, and make you only consider your end of the entire affair. There are a million methods of connecting with your employees in a wholesome fashion, but the inability to truly connect with them might impede that process somewhat.

There are a number of ways you can get into the employee mindset. This might mean ensuring you know how your employees are treated from the get go. We’d recommend enacting the following over the course of a week:

Interview For A Position

Tell your higher ups that you wish to recruit a new position. Then, much like the hidden boss television shows, hire a makeup team to help you disguise yourself. Attend that interview. If this seems like too much for your acting skills, send in someone who you trust with a body cam to encounter the interview. See this from the side of someone coming in. Is your team professional? Are your interviews thorough and well run?  Is your firm clear about what it wants and what it expects? From viewing this the immediate impact of your firm can be felt, and can be tailored to more suit what you’re looking for.

Use The Facilities

Using the facilities that you expect your employees to can work well for you. Ensuring that your parking is competent in the morning, and that all the kitchen apparatus works and is convenient to use will only be apparent if you use them. Use the restrooms and routinely assess the hygiene to be found. Over the course of a week you should gain a pretty clear picture of the daily life in the office your employees experience. We’d also recommend:

Move Your Desk

You likely walk around the office from time to time, chatting to the troops and engaging in any queries they might have. It’s one thing to walk among them and another to live among them. For a week or up to a fortnight, consider bringing in your desk to the main office hall. This will allow you to gauge the experience of the employees here. Through this, you’ll notice many small things crop up that could use improvement. It might be that your commercial carpet cleaning is long overdue. It could be that the noise pollution from the premises outside has become so untenable that you need to exercise your corporate might to try and resolve the situation externally. It might simply be that you feel the office would benefit from more plants and green space.

No matter what you find out, you will likely only come to this conclusion after working in this space for some time. You might find that a new light should be installed, or you might find that moving offices entirely has become a deep necessity.

With all this to contribute, you will find that you will be much more aware of the entire employee experience your firm fosters. We’d say that’s a very positive thing.

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