As a creative if you know how important it is to use images to promote and improve your business. From Instagram to website designs you want to make sure that you are using striking pictures and layouts to bring out the best in your business. You spent a long time creating the many images of your business but now it is time to upgrade the way you work. These techniques will allow you to create a consistent presence online, which becomes instantly recognizable to your customers. Make your creative business the best it can be and use imaginative images to catch the eye of potential clients.                                          

1.Design and Development

If your website doesn’t catch your customer’s eye from the get-go you are doing something wrong. Don’t give them the option to close that window; keep them hooked with your dazzling design. If you’re stuck for inspiration, look into a specialist ecommerce website design and development company. They will be able to provide you with a more powerful web presence, by improving your entire layout and design as a whole.

2.Innovative Instagram Themes

Your Instagram page should have an instantly recognisable theme. Whether you use bold and striking colours, neutral tones or artistic images, you should stick to one overarching idea and keep it consistent every time you post on Instagram. Obviously you still want to keep your posts worthwhile, don’t just make them look attractive. Strike a balance between appealing images and desirable content.

3.Brilliant Branding and Logos

Your logo is absolutely everything when it comes to representing your entire brand and your business, so you need to make sure it is bold, bright and memorable. Insert your logo onto every single one of your web pages, place it at the bottom of your newsletters and feature it in your social media posts. Make it unique to your business and don’t be afraid to show it off to the online world.

4.Be Blogging a Boss

Social media is of course, an excellent way to share your images and create a huge impact on your target audience, but you don’t actually own the platform you are contributing to. If you want to take full ownership of your creative content, then you should definitely look into starting a business blog. You will be able to design it in exactly your own away, as well as sharing innovative images you have taken, design or handcrafted yourself. A blog is the perfect platform to showcase the talents and strong points of your creative business, so use this to your full advantage.

Truth is that, images are the element that instantly catch people’s eye when they are scrolling through social media, website or blogs. Implementing your knowledge of pictures and how they can tell a thousand words, will help your business to stand out. You will also be able to create a consistent brand which is instantly recognisable your target audience. Use social media, blogging and wonderful website design to bring out the best colours in your business.

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