Does Shop Floor Appearance Influence Sales?

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If you own a bricks and mortar shop, then of course the appearance influences your sales. Whilst a website is the main place that a business seems to make all of their money from now, the shop is still one of the old school and popular methods of a customer getting what they want. But the question is, how can your shop floor influence sales? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll influence them in a good way. Some shop floors are nasty enough to put a customer off for life. So, to make sure you’re doing it right, here’s how your shop can influence your sales for the better.


We’re going to talk about hygiene first, because it’s the one thing that a lot of shops seem to struggle with. Whilst it isn’t as important as a fast food chain or restaurant for example, customers still rely heavily on walking into a shop that looks nice and clean. So, the first thing you should focus on is the area that seems to be affected the most, the toilets. Whilst a customer might be all about cleanliness, they can have little regard for how they leave the toilet. Now, it’s not your job to sort this, but hiring a cleaner or two who can monitor the toilets and clean as and when is needed is so important. The same goes for the shop floor. A nice clean in the afternoon, and one once the store is closed, will help to keep appearances up, as well as make the shop so much more inviting for your customers.


The aesthetics in terms of the design of your shop also plays a big part in how successful it’s going to be. The design should be smart, eye catching, and unique to your own store. Just like with the website, it really does need to draw the customer in. You can either have someone do the shop design for you, or you can work at it yourself. Things such as shops shelving, counters, flooring, and painting should also be crisp and fresh. If something ever breaks or deteriorates with your design, get it rectified as soon as possible. Customers are so picky, and they would be more than happy to point out some floors with your shop. For the colour scheme, don’t choose anything too tacky or cringy. Stick to something nice and bright, and even have a feature wall, just like you would in your home.


The layout of your store can really influence sales. If you have something that’s on sale, reduced to clear, or a new product that you’re really determined to sell, the front row by the door is exactly where you need to put it. It’s going to be the first thing your customer see’s, and often draws them in to buy it. Make the layout simple and easy, with products following on from each other. Using a supermarket as an example, you would have the fruit and vegetables by each other, milk and cheese etc. It makes sense and it’s simple, your store should follow this also.

So, make sure your store is optimised to make the most sales and your business will shoot to success.

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