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In case you have just decided to get your own offices and have your eyes on a building to buy and turn into a stunning business venue, there are several things you should be thinking about. From your employees’ comfort and convenience to essential things such as heating and air conditioning and style, you have to find the balance among each element of your office design to make the building suit your needs. Find a few tips below.


The good news is that – even if you just bought a run-down industrial building – it is easy to customize the looks of any large building. A bit of plasterboard and paint will be all it takes to turn an industrial looking building into a 21st century office. You can combine unique with standard features, add an open space design, and even create a chillout area.


Natural light is important for all office buildings. If you have a large area an open plan will work better, allowing every employee to benefit from natural light. Alternatively, you could give the window offices to managers or turn them into meeting rooms and breakout/breakfast areas, while installing top lighting solutions giving you natural light during the day. If your office occupies the top floor, you can get some Velux windows to make the space lighter naturally.


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You will also need to look at the building with your branding opportunities in mind. From a large sign by the entrance to small banners and flags all around the building, you can make a statement of owning the space and branding it accordingly. You might want to get branded windows with your logo etched in the glass, too.


It is also crucial that you look through the security options when buying your new offices. You might have old-fashioned doors that need to be reinforced. You can get some strong and safe Aluminium Windows for Strata Buildings that will withstand any weather and look great at the same time. Changing your windows will improve the look of your offices immediately, and will not take more than a few days.  


You should also pay attention to the facilities on site and off site. Get some vending machines installed and a coffee machine in the kitchenette. If you choose a remote location, make sure that you provide your employees with a kitchen where they can have lunch and chill out. To keep your workers motivated, you might even have a small gym or games room they can use during their breaks. Parking and safe storage are also important for office workers, so implement these in your plans.

Moving to your own offices is a great milestone in your business. Consider the needs of your employees, your customers, as well as your brand, and turn a standard building into something that truthfully represents your brand and values. Take advantage of natural light, safety improvements, and add facilities to keep your employees happy.

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