How Monochrome Fashion Can Work For You


Monochrome fashion is a timeless style which has been used by many people for decades to give off that independent, strong and sleek look. Many people in France and Scandinavia always use monochrome style to give off a stunning and natural look which can suit and sizes, ages and genders. If you want to know how to make monochrome work for you, here are some easy tips.

Mix textures

The best way to create some variety when you are limited on colours is to play around with the texture that you are using. For example if you are wearing and outfit which is all grey, you can have a pair of skinny denim jeans, a woolly jumper and a grey leather jacket layered over the top. This will give your look a sense of depth which it would be lacking otherwise,


If you come out wearing something which is all white on the top and all black on the bottom, things can look a little unbalanced and you might end up looking a little shorter than you really are. Think about bringing the colours together on the top and the bottom. For example you can wear a black top with a white jacket, and then on the bottom you can wear white skinny jeans with a black bag.

Accentuate your figure

The most important thing you can do for your personal style is to accentuate the best parts of your figure. You will want to take the time to accentuate your waist if you need to, and you can bring wrap design or belts to the waist to make you look smaller. Think about ways you can make your legs, bust, hips etc stand out.

Play with print and pattern

If you are sticking to one or two plain colours for your outfit, the easiest way to bring some more variety to the outfit is to play around with some patterns or some prints. For example you could pair a plain shirt with a striped button up shirt, you can look at t shirt printing for a graphic tee over skinny jeans, and you will immediately bring some personality and character to your outfit.

Add colour

Although monochrome means just that, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add a tiny splash of colour into the mix to round the outfit off and make it stand out. Red is the most popular colprint and patternour to add to a monochrome look, however, blue and green can also be wonderful choices if you don’t want to wear red. Think of adding a colourful handbag, a pair of bold or patterned heels, a bold lipstick or even a statement necklace.

For a timeless style which stands the test of time and will look great for any occasion, you can always count on a simple outfit of black, white grey or other simple tones. Monochrome is the way of the future and it should definitely be a style we all try once in a while.

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