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Art Licensing Portfolio – Meliisa Read- Devine,
Designed by Red LeoCreative Concept & Graphic Design

The last element you need to be ready for license your art is  your art licensing portfolio. The portfolio is very much different to  your fine art portfolio. The key is to create an effective art licensing portfolio that’s organised and on trend so you can impress potential licensees and manufactures.

Here are some of the hot tips you can apply when you create your next art licensing portfolio

What is your Quirk

Define your Quirks or Uniqueness- set yourself apart from your competitors so more of your ideal manufacturers want to license your art. Define your WOW factor in your art. Do you have a distinctive style or techniques that you are wowing your audience?

Learn what in trend?

Do research, learn about the product categories that you would like to license, take the time to figure out what type of imaging manufacturers are currently interested in. Finding out what type of art, colours, designs and patterns are on trend right now that you can apply  to your portfolio.

Here are some of the product categories that you can incorporate into your portfolio; Homeware like bedding, pillows, and ceramic, wall art, books, greeting cards, wallpaper, fabric, or even sports equipment like surfboard and skateboards. The sky is truly the limited.

Create collections

To grab the Licensees and Manufacturers’ attention you need to create art collections. This is the critical as they are always looking for a collection of art that they can use for a whole product line. The more products they can make from a collection, the more they can sell. This mean you will receive more royalty cheques.

Art ArtSHINE we recommend creating sets of four to eight cohesive designs that could be used on complementary products. Make it as easy as possible for them to look through and understand the collection and how they can translate your art into products so they can see how they can apply to their products.

The size of your portfolio will depend greatly on how long you have been in the art licensing business. For new beginners we recommend a simple portfolio up 3  to 6 collections. Remember less is more. Don’t try to cramp in to many images in a page.

Mellissa Read-Devine – Portfolio
Designed By Red Leo Creative Concept & Graphic Design


Create Mocked Art

Not every artist has the skill set to create mock ups, but if you are Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator know-how or know someone who is, it can be a huge help to make mock-up images. At ArtSHINE we provide portfolio creation service for our artists who want to get a professional and well present portfolio.  We will review your works and help you create collections and product categories.

Create mock ups  in your portfolio will help manufacturers get a good idea of your artwork on actual products, this also takes away some guesswork and helps them to envision the final product. Plus, mock-ups help manufacturers understand how to use your art and apply into their product lines.

Mellissa Read-Devine – Product mock ups
By Red Leo Creative Concept & Graphic Design

Customise Your Portfolio

As the saying, less is more and keep the portfolio clean, simple and elegant. Don’t feel that you need to include every piece of your art in the portfolio. Remember that styles like fashion it will go in and out, and manufacturers want to see what’s in fashion. And, if you wow them with one collection, they’ll keep coming back for more. They prefer to work with a good artist and build a long term relationship.

Have a think about what type of product lines are sold by the manufacturers you are trying to attract. Who is their customers and what types of art will they looking for? For example print versus pattern, bright or subdued colours, characters or theme art.

If you tailor the contents of one portfolio to fit their design needs and it will make it much more enticing to take you on as a client! You can submit different portfolios for different licensees. Or, find the ideal  manufacture  who goes for your unique style.

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