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It’s no secret that online shopping seems to be getting more popular every day. Most physical stores also inhabit an online space where their consumers can shop 24/7 from the comfort of their sofa, or on their commute. E-commerce is growing due to the convenience factor and the chance to grab something at a fraction of the cost. The appeal of reduced rent prices and fewer overheads also means that more startups and brands are taking their businesses online immediately, without ever having the need for a physical store. However, thousands of consumers are still visiting the high street each week, to feel and see the products in real life, along with the enjoyment factor of a day out shopping with loved ones.

As a creative business; you’ll get the most from your potential customers seeing your products in real-life, so you’ll want an environment where they feel welcome, and understand your brand as soon as they see the shop front. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to make an impact with their store, by being creative and uniquely, themselves.

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Personality and Integrity

People always appreciate and are attracted to character, and something different. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about what makes you store special. Perhaps it’s the era it was built, or the location of the store geographically. Shop and business owners are utilising historians and companies like Andrew Long and Associates to better inform themselves about heritage, culture, and history. This will solidify your store and ensure that integrity is at the root of what you do; considering each element of your shop and the sale process, and understanding the story will keep your store one of a kind. You can reflect its roots in the style and layout, and even the branding; keep going back to the heart of your business and build from there.

Make sure that your sales assistants and staff are motivated and happy each day, and keep them smiling and moving around the store to complete tasks. Inform them about products and the stores story; they’ll be able to pass this information on to potential and repeat customers. If a potential customer looks through the window; they are more likely to be inclined to enter if there seems to be a cheery and bustling atmosphere.

Share The Love

Holding some classes, clubs, and organised events are successful ways to attract the right attention your store. If you sell or specialise, in a particular product, then you could easily put together an evening group that makes your merchandise the focus. Your shop could be the meeting place for a crafting group, or even an activity that’s completed outside of the store, like a running club, so that attendees have somewhere to grab a refreshment and leave their belongings in safety.

If you create beauty products and cosmetics; hiring a specialist is another way to tempt customers inside your store. You could hire a professional masseuse or manicurist to offer treatments to your patrons as they shop; if you ensure that the products used are available to buy, you’re likely to increase sales and secure return customers. Encourage your customers to return by showing them how things are made, and telling them where they originate from; this will further build consumer trust, and your creative hub and shop will become a favourite place for many.


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