Making a great impression with your business can make the difference between encouraging people to work with you and sending them running for the hills. First impressions can stick with people for a long time; you don’t have the chance to make a great first impression again.

How can you make sure you’re making the first impression that will get you customers and keep them coming back? Read on…

Build A Strong Brand

Building a strong brand is one of the best ways to make a great first impression. Your brand refers to multiple things, and not just your logo and packaging. It refers to the colors you use, which can really set the ‘mood’, and even your brand voice.

You build a strong brand by knowing exactly what your values are, as well as who your audience are and aligning with them. You then make sure you’re as consistent as possible across all platforms.

Get A Business Phone Number And Address

Instead of having your personal phone number, get a business phone number. People are far more likely to call a 1800 phone number, and it makes a much better impression on people than having your own personal number there. Even if you work from your bedroom, you can get a business address, too. These things help your business to look more reliable, experienced, and professional.

Focus on Having A Functional, Aesthetically Pleasing Website

Your website needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Remember, functionality comes first. It needs to make sense and be easy to use. If people can’t use your site, they will leave without barely giving it a second thought. They’ll make a mental note not to return, too.

Once you’ve worked out the functionality of it all, you can focus on making it good looking. Do not try to build your site yourself. Doing this could result in some pretty big mistakes, and it won’t look as professional as it could. Get a professional to build your site for you – it’ll look so much better, work better, and have everything you need to grow your business. This is something you should really invest in.

Put Your Customers/Potential Customers First

Make sure you show your audience/customers that you care. Give fantastic customer service. Respond promptly and give them the information they need. Do deals for returning customers and consider introducing incentives and loyalty cards. The more you show you care, the better!

Aim To Provide Value And Help People

By creating content based around your industry and services, you can provide value to people. You can give hints and tips, and tell them what they need to know. They will return to you again and again if your content is good enough, and this also helps you to get shares on social media. You might even go viral!

Really Listen

Make sure you’re listening to what people are telling you. Aim to be honest. If you can’t help somebody, don’t try to sell them your service. Transparency and strong ethics are great traits to have!

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