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Lawsuits can be expensive and damaging to your company reputation. There are all manner of reasons as to why somebody may decide to sue your company – some people may genuinely deserve compensation for mistakes made on your part, whilst others may simply try to take advantage of the system. Here are just a few ways in which you can shield yourself against the threat of lawsuits and keep your company’s respect.   

Hire a legal writer for contracts and documentation

Contracts and legal documents can help to put agreements in writing so that everyone is clear what was agreed on. This can help you to stay legally covered – if a customer tries to sue you for not providing a service that wasn’t specified in your contract, you’ll have the written proof to fight their claim. You’re best hiring professional legal writers to create these contracts – this could prevent wording from being misconstrued and help to keep your contracts as legally tight as possible.

Consider taking out a trademark

A trademark can prevent someone from misusing your branding or company name and then passing it off as their own. You can apply for a trademark with the help of a trademark law firm such as Kilburn & Strode. Similar to trademarks are patents which can prevent others from stealing a unique product design that you came up with.

Improve your cybersecurity

A growing amount of lawsuits are taking place as a result of customer data being unlawfully shared or lost. This is usually the result of weak cybersecurity. Security software such as Jumio can help you comply with various regulations. You should also take measures such as building stronger passwords, backing up customer/employee data and putting firewalls in place to fend off viruses.

Improve your health and safety

Injuries and illness caused to customers and employees is also a leading cause of lawsuits. By improving your company’s health and safety measures, you may be able reduce injuries and sickness as a result of your company. Simple health and safety measures could include put a ‘wet floor’ sign down when mopping, supplying safety equipment to employees and keeping on top of cleaning.

Train your staff

Even with security measures and health and safety measures in place, mistakes will still happen as the result of human error. An employee may forget to put a wet floor sign out or may choose a weak password. Make sure that you spend time training your staff in these matters in order to minimise these mistakes.

Insure yourself

Business insurance won’t prevent you from getting sued, but it could help to pay out compensation when required taking the financial sting out of lawsuits. You can take out business insurance packages from companies such as Hiscox that include schemes such as employers’ liability cover, professional indemnity cover and product liability cover. Always shop around for insurance to get the best rate.

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