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With fuel prices creeping higher and higher, many people are becoming more mindful of keeping their fuel costs down – whether this relates to the petrol and diesel used when driving to the energy consumption used within businesses and homes throughout the country.

In creative businesses, fuel costs can quickly mount up as a lot of time you are having to travel to client meetings and exhibitions where depending on the set-up, you might even need a diesel generator to power your exhibition.  Then, there’s the juice required for your computer, lighting and so on, which might seem trivial at first but is a very significant cost over time.

Unfortunately, fossil fuel which is where we still get the majority of our energy from is a depleting commodity in high demand, which means prices are likely to continue to rise as the supplies diminish.  This is why so many people and companies are looking into alternative fuels, particularly when it comes to driving.

Indeed, car companies today are buying up electronics companies and building huge warehouses and facilities to create batteries.  The future would appear to be toward electric vehicles, with diesel cars becoming less and less popular – maybe one day, even phased out due to the emissions associated with them.

Here’s some interesting alternative fuels you might want to consider.


Did you know that old diesel cars can be fueled on leftover cooking oil?  This is a practice that happens mostly in the Caribbean, and is a homemade biofuel that will offer a comparable performance to regular diesel cars – with less emissions.  Moreover, it is a lot cheaper than going to the gas station. Indeed, it could even be free if you pick up waste oil from a restaurant.

McDonald’s, somewhat famously, fuel their huge lorries with the leftover cooking oil from their deep fat fryers which goes to show the possibility that exists within this area – not just from a cost saving perspective, but from a branding perspective, in terms of being perceived as more environmentally friendly.

The rustic version of biodiesel that can be made at home tends to perform better in older diesel cars than the more sophisticated modern engines, and it’s worth checking with a qualified mechanic before attempting to use it in your vehicle.


The trend of electric cars shows no signs of slowing down, indeed, this would appear to be the “new way” just as one day, we will see the implementation of intelligent highways and self driving cars.  There is much infrastructure required for us all to be switching over to electric cars, as they amount of pull on the national grid would be far too much, if we all needed to charge our vehicles each night – so, it’s some way off, yet many people are now opting for electric cars as a cost friendly and environmentally friendly alternative.


LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas and has been used as a vehicle fuel for decades.  LPG tends to cost significantly less per litre than gasoline, and offers a comparable driving experience, yet it can be somewhat difficult to find as not many fuel stations have the facilities to provide LPG fuel.


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