If you are thinking about opening up your own little hotel or a B&B this year, there are a lot of different things you will want to think about. Managing a hotel is a huge job and there are a lot of preparations and works you will have to carry out on the space to make it liveable for people. Here are some of the essential items you should place in every hotel room for maximum comfort.

Some cute cushions

First of all when opening up a hotel it might be a good idea for you to visit a Hospitality Trade Show to see what other people are doing with their space and how to improve your own. For example you can look at the bedding people choose and make sure that you have some cosy throws and cushions on the bed for maximum comfort to offer the best night’s sleep for your guests. You can also think about buying medium mattresses to try and cater for everyone.

A piece of artwork

Every hotel room should feel like a mini home from home for your guests for their stay and one of the ways you can do this is by having a piece of artwork on the wall for them to enjoy and lift the room. A fun idea would be to have local artists in the area donate you a piece of art with the promise that it will hang in the room and the price and name of the artist will be underneath the piece for all to see. This can be a cute little quirk for your hotel and it will make you look much more human.

Fluffy towels and linen

Every hotel room will have a bathroom installed onto it, and along with this you want to provide some of the most fluffy and luxurious feeling towels and linens for your guests to use during their stay. When a guest comes to stay with you they want to feel something better than their own home and being able to provide a luxurious towel can be a huge part of that experience.

A kettle and tea bags

For any new hotel owner, a kettle can be a huge bonus point for you to add to the rooms and it will allow people to enjoy a good coffee or a cup of tea first thing in the morning while they are getting ready for the day. A simple gesture like this can be really amazing and it will go a long way to making the people who stay at your hotel feel more comfortable and at home.

A mini fridge

For the higher ticketed rooms in your hotel, a fun idea for you to bring in would be to add a little mini fridge which has mini bottles of wine and small snacks for the guests to enjoy if they want to during their stay. You can of course charge for anything they use and this can be a good little extra income for you during your time as a manager.

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