Running a small business can come with many highs and many lows; it can be a challenge. But if you really want to help your customer base and make an impact, then getting involved with the community that you live and serve in can really be a good idea. If you are able to find out more about your local community and find a way to have your business really help them and serve them and their needs, then you will be onto a really good thing. When you can connect on a meaningful level, then no matter what your business is whether it is web design or selling cleaning products, you will be able to connect to the community in a much better way.

Here are some of the ways and steps that you can get involved with community around you. You can network, create connections, build friendships, and get your business name and ethos out there.


There is a lot of power in volunteering, much more than you might think. To start off with, it shows that you have a community spirit and are willing to give of your time. It shows a caring side to what you do too, as it shows that you want to be involved in something that is bigger than just yourself or just your business. If there isn’t much to do in your local community at the moment, then look for things that you could start doing. It could be running a soup kitchen, helping collect food or clothing donations for charities, or volunteering at a library, for instance.


Alongside volunteering, donating things to the local community can be a good way to get involved. It could be that you donate money to a local school organization or a sports team, or perhaps donate things that are needed in the local area. You could look for a public furniture supplier so that you could create and then donate benches for a local park or donate to help a community garden. So many options, but find something that is suited to what you do and it will flow well for the community to see that it is from you.

Host Events

Getting to know people in the local area, whether you sell online or not, can be a good way to get to know people. And if you get to know people and they know what your business does, then it can help them to see what it is all about and will hopefully become loyal customers. If you are a local bar, restaurant or salon, for example, you have space to host local events. It could be for other people to hire the space for their own events, or it could be for the things that you want to organize and arrange. It gets people in the door and creates a buzz and some excitement around what you do, which will get passed onto other people in the local area.


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