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You’ve been developing your art for many years by now. You’ve had some successes, and the people around you seem to love what you create. Heck; some days, you even think it’s pretty good. While you aren’t one to toot your own horn, you’ve certainly seen less practiced artists managing to make a go of things. Yet, a lack of customer interest in currently causing you to question what you’re doing wrong.

Doubts like these lead many of us to assume we aren’t any good at what we do. If people aren’t biting, your art must be the problem, right? Not necessarily. You’ve seen from the reactions of others that your work has potential. It’s possible, then, that customers aren’t coming your way because they can’t find you. It’s not that they don’t like what you do, it’s simply that they haven’t seen it to believe it.

Of course, this is an age-old business problem. Generating leads isn’t half as easy as we would like it to be. But, it is possible that you’re making a few fundamental mistakes to prevent visibility. Keep reading to find out what they are and how you can change.

You aren’t paying for promotions

Every platform, from Google to Instagram, now offers paid promotions. For a small fee, these allow you to pay for an increased coverage. Many people assume these things are gimmicks. That’s your first mistake. From a business perspective, they make complete sense. They’re invaluable tools when you’re getting started. You don’t even have to put much effort in. An Instagram promotion pretty much sorts itself out. Even with ongoing paid advertising on Google, you could call in a Google AdWords management company to monitor things for you. Either way; this is the best bet at getting your work seen. That, in turn, increases your chances of making a name for yourself.

You’re forgetting to tag your posts

Forgetting to tag posts is another fatal flaw you’re sure to pay for. Tags are essential on any platform going. These are keywords which ensure people can find you. If you keep tags relevant, you can also guarantee that you rank higher on search engines. Tags are so crucial to creating leads that a post without them is as good as wasted. As such, you should never upload art without adding at least a few of these.

You’re active at the wrong times of day

The time of day during which you’re active also has significant standing on your coverage. If you post your latest piece on Instagram at three in the morning, it will have disappeared from search results by the time most people wake up. If you only ever upload on your website in the middle of the day, it may have fallen back to page two of three in search results by five o’clock. Make sure you don’t fall under the radar in these ways. Get with the program to increase your views and see more orders coming your way.


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