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Every company wants to appear on the first page of Google. With many consumers relying on search engines to find new business, having good rankings is important. The process of improving one’s rankings is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and can rely on a number of factors. Here are just a few tricks that could help you to boost your rankings.

Unlock the power of keywords

Keywords are what most people automatically think of – and indeed they play a large part. Choosing the right keywords to focus on is important. For example, if you own a plumbing company, it’s not always wise to focus on the keyword ‘plumber’ if you live in an area where there are already 100 other plumbers – focusing on a keyword such as ‘heater repair’ or ‘leaking pipe’ could be more effective. You could use online tools such as Keyword Tool to find the best suited keywords. When incorporating these into your website, try to use them naturally rather than spamming them. Keywords are also useful for web ad campaigns and link building.

Pay for web ads

Whilst you can naturally boost your rankings, many people find it much easier to pay for web ads – this allows your site to display as an ad at the top or bottom of the first page when people enter a certain keyword. Google AdWords is the most popular web ad service and is very easy to use. That said, it’s often worth getting the help of professionals in order to launch the most effective campaign -companies such as Premier Practice can help you to choose the best suited keywords and parameters. Other search engine web ad services such as Bing Ads could also be worth looking into.

Keep your website busy

When it comes to improving your rankings naturally without ads, keywords play the biggest part. However, there are other factors too such as how many visitors your website gets monthly and how regularly you update the content. Keeping your website updated often can help you to rank highly – the easiest way to do this is to start a blog and create regular posts. As for attracting visitors, make sure that you’re advertising on social media and attracting visitors from elsewhere other than search engines.

Try link building

Link building is another way of improving your rankings naturally. This involves encouraging other websites to link to your content. The more external links there are leading to your website, the higher you’ll rank on search engines. As with other forms of SEO, it’s important to do this in a natural way. Ideally you want to get established blogs linking to your content in a way that isn’t spammy. Hiring an SEO company could be a good call – many of these companies have connections to blogs that will be willing to link to your content. You can also improve your rankings by using internal links, which involves linking to other pages on the same website.

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