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If you own a small business, the time will inevitably come when you’ll have to perform an office renovation. But renovating an office isn’t nearly as straightforward as you might imagine. Offices are places of work and, as such, have a range of requirements not encountered elsewhere.

Always Prioritise Function

Although world-leading companies like Google have exciting offices, it’s worth pointing out that even they put function first. It’s not all bright colors and ball pits: sensible companies always prioritize function to make sure that they don’t compromise on productivity.

When planning an office renovation, consider the following questions:

  • Can employees move quickly from one part of the office to another?
  • Is there enough space for all your equipment?
  • Are there areas for private conversations and meetings?
  • Does your office plan comply with all statutory regulations?
  • Can you fit all of your employees in your new layout, or do you need extra space?

Use Vertical Space

When it comes to office renovation, try to avoid thinking in just two dimensions. Although you may think you rent out a certain “square footage” of office space, you, in fact, rent a volume. Doing things like placing shelves high up on walls can make a big difference to the amount of space you have left in the room itself.

Plan For Waste

Ripping out an old office and installing a new one is a big job, and involves a lot of waste, according to As a result, you need to put in place plans for how you’ll manage the disposal of all your old fittings and fixtures in a way that is safe and compliant with environmental standards.

Use Your Renovation As A Tech Upgrade Opportunity

Modern technology changes all the time, so there’s nothing worse than working in an office that’s stuck in the past. Think carefully about the facilities you might need after your renovation. Of course, you’ll need plenty of electrical outlets, but you may also need things like server and circuit boxes, phone outlets, and fiber-optic support.

Put Plants Everywhere

Throughout human history, people worked alongside plants. But today’s offices tend to be sterile environments, free from any hint of nature. That’s not a good thing: plants help people to relax and be more productive. Research, for instance, shows that having plants in the office helps to reduce stress and anxiety, clear the air, and even reduce noise levels.

Open Up To Natural Light

Employees need exposure to natural light to regulate their sleep cycles. Without adequate light, people’s circadian rhythms can get thrown out of whack, leading to all kinds of productivity issues. The solution is to base any renovation work around improving levels of natural light says Do you have a big window in your office? Clear the area around it of desks and storage and use it as a method of bringing more light into your space.

Even if you don’t have a big window, there are other options: skylights can help bring life to a dull and dreary space, improving mood.

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