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If you need a creative outlet but decoupage, baking and all things crafty aren’t really doing it for you, you may require something more meaningful. Looking to the world of property can be a more lucrative way of getting your creative juices flowing while also making a tidy profit on each purchase. A fixer upper could be the answer to your creative question. You may not be willing to forego your full time position, exceptional promotion prospects, and steady wage just yet, so a foray into the world of property development could be ideal. If you can buy at the right price, stick to a timely and well budgeted scheme of works and sell quickly, you may be making a lucrative amount of money. Take a look at why property can help you to unleash your creativity.


There’s nothing more exciting than planning your project. This is where you can let your creative ideas flow directly onto a page or into a spreadsheet. You will need to consider the more boring aspects of your property renovation such as depreciation schedules, contingency estimations, and relevant planning permission if you need it. However, once these are out of the way and your budget and timings are worked out, you can get onto the more exhilarating aspects of property development.

You might want to open up a kitchen dining space, knock down a few walls or totally revolutionise the decor of a pad. Always ensure that profit is the main motivation of any creative decision that you make. Don’t get too personal with your project, ordering that 1960s inspired neon wallpaper simply because you love it. If you adore it that much, put it in your own home. Keep things relatively neutral and enjoy mixing more gentle colour combination to seduce your potential buyers with a lifestyle. You can add more texture and colour with your furniture and furnishings. Think about adding some artwork, cushions or greenery to add more interest.

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It’s not just the interior of a property that can help you to unleash your creativity. The exterior of your bricks and mortar might be in need of a little tender loving care. Consider getting your fingers green and explore the horticultural side of your artistic flair. You might be able to head into the back garden and landscape the lawn and borders into something a little more visually attractive. You might want to install a vegetable patch, a water feature or a rockery. Your potential buyers will appreciate the more innovative rear garden and will see it as an additional room to the property.

While you might see the property development sphere as a wholly business-like world, the more successful property developers also have an artistic trait that enables them to create homes that are more interesting and unique. If you fancy hot footing it into the realm of property to make a bit of extra cash and to flex your creative muscles, now might be the time to take the plunge.

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