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In basic terms, video marketing is a tactic that involves incorporating videos into your marketing campaign. This can be to promote a service or product, or your company as a whole. There are many different types of videos you can use, from whiteboard videos, to demos, to customer testimonials, and they can be posted everywhere from your website, to your Facebook page, to your YouTube account. There are many benefits associated with video marketing, as you will discover below.

  • Convert more users – A report conducted by Zappos revealed that product pages that contained video content converted between six and 30 per cent better than those without. Online retailers such as Dell and Amazon have posted statistics backing this up.
  • Emotional benefits – One of the reasons why video marketing is so successful is because viewers emotionally connect to videos. You can use storytelling to evoke a series of emotions.
  • Customers water more video – Did you know that 92 per cent of B2B customers watch online video? Or, that 34 per cent of shoppers are more likely to buy something after viewing an online advertisement? Or, that YouTube alone has over four billion views every day? This makes it the second-biggest search engine after Google.
  • Boost email open rates and click-through rates – More people will open your email if it features a video, and this will lead to greater click-through rates to your website. In fact, it is believed that emails that feature ‘video’ in the subject line are two-three times more likely to be opened than an email without.
  • People prefer videos – A lot of people prefer watching a video than reading through a page of content. It is quicker, and it is easier for them to grasp the important parts.
  • Appeal to more people on social media – Did you know that more than 700 YouTube videos are shared via Twitter per minute? Video sharing is prominent on social media, and you can take advantage of this.
  • Improve your SEO campaign – If you have a video on your web page, you are guaranteed to rank higher on Google and other search engines. This is why SEO experts recommend videos so highly. In fact, studies show that you are 50 times more likely to feature on Google’s first page.
  • Video is great for mobile – We all know that mobile Internet has taken off, and video marketing fits in with this trend. In fact, online video now accounts for half of all mobile traffic.

As you can see, there are many different benefits that are associated with using video as part of your marketing campaign. No matter what industry you operate in, video marketing can help you to achieve more.

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