5 Ways to Better Market Yourself and Your Work

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If you’re waiting for your big break as an artist, but are looking for manageable, tangible steps to get your name and work buzzing in the meantime, look no further. There’s no secret that art is a competitive space and it’s important to distinguish yourself from others, but what are the best ways?

Here are our 5 best tips on how to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Brand yourself

The singular best way to market yourself as an emerging artist is to establish an identity and a way that makes you unique. Many people don’t realise that in the art community, branding is a business, and it is the best way to remain memorable. If you’re stuck thinking of ways to brand, a great concept is to brand as something you want to stand out as.

For example, if you’re an artist with a main focus on photography, but also work on other forms of art too, it may be easier to brand yourself as a “photographer” rather than an “artist.”

Forming logos, choosing specific colourways, and even creating a pattern with your art are all other great ways of getting yourself to stand out. The best piece of advice with regards to branding yourself is finding your one unique aspect of your work and running with it. If you’re able to focus on your one unique trait and turn it into a killer self-marketing tactic, you will be sure to see instant success.

2. Build a website (if you don’t have one)

If you don’t have an online portfolio available of all your work, creating a central place to showcase it is absolutely essential. With the online art space continuing to grow, it’s becoming even more important to display your favourites pieces in the digital sphere for the world to see.

Building a website is a great place to start and is actually quite an easy process. There are tons of great website hosting platforms that offer free domains, website designs, and more. Once you have a brand in mind or correctively brand your own name, the website and portfolio creation can be a great way to firmly cement what you stand for.

When making your site keep different categories, home page and page selections, and overall layout in mind. It may be a good idea to showcase your favourite or best piece on the front page to welcome viewers. In summary, building an online website portfolio offers great potential for centralising all your work, signifying your brand, and acquiring new exposure.

3. Go social and digital

Social media is becoming a whole new platform for artists to grow and allow for digital networking, so getting involved in this respect is a great way to boost your self-image. Especially with the likes of Instagram being such a great visual platform, it’s a great way to showcase your latest artwork and allow for comments, liking, and sharing. There are tons of apps and platforms to try, so keep searching until you find one that you can utilise to perfection.

Building strong social media accounts and owning a presence in these spheres will be great for attracting new followers, fans, and lovers of art. It’s also a very personal means of communication which is essential for showing your humanity and appreciation for them looking at your art.

4. Organise an exhibit

In order to make a name for yourself, you need maximum exposure and to get yourself into spaces and places that you normally wouldn’t. This includes entering your work into shows or exhibits that will guarantee new eyes looking at your work. A great tip is beginning by looking local for art shows, galleries accepting submissions, and other fairs that support upcoming artists.

By starting in your own community, it will allow you and your work to gain some traction before moving on to bigger and bigger targets. If there are no opportunities offered around you, try organising your own event. Taking on an event like this or beginning a new art fair or exhibit not only draws great publicity to you and your brand, but also displays your leadership and likeability as an artist.

5. Network

In addition to extending your online reach, try expanding your horizons by networking around at important art events. Whether that be networking conferences, major art exhibitions, or other gatherings, even visiting different cities can boost your network of people that know your name and your work.

Be sure to think about your overall impression you’re looking to leave on new people, and practice it. From your charisma to your body language, when engaging with new people in the art world you want to leave them with a good taste in their mouth.

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