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Businesses are always on the look for new strategies and tips designed to boost their productivity in the workplace. Indeed, at its heart, productivity describes the process during which employees tackle new and existing tasks. A productive company is, ultimately, an office where tasks are addressed rapidly – and effectively. Consequently, the art of improving your team productivity is about understanding what your team needs to work fast and better.

Needless to say, the equipment you provide plays a significant role in their ability to perform against a deadline. Similarly, office furniture can also encourage or stop productivity. Indeed, someone using an uncomfortable chair and desk arrangement is more likely to develop back and neck pains, which can slow down their performance. Last, but not least, providing open kitchen facilities can also ensure that your team has access to the food and drinks they need to stay focused. You’d be surprised, for instance, by the difference a good coffee machine can make in the office! But, businesses need to dive deeper into the very essence of the office and its decor to introduce productivity-friendly changes that will revolutionise the way the employees work.

It lets you organise the space

Indeed, giving your office space a thoughtful revamp can dramatically affect the team productivity. Ultimately, you can use your decor to create an organised space, dividing the area into targeted zones. In some work environments, small cubbies can make a great deal of difference. In others, employees thrive in activities-based arrangements. As a rule of the thumb, you might want to offer your team the choice to handle individual projects in cubbies and teamwork in a different zone. Ultimately, the spatial division can help to boost their concentration and encourage communication, depending on projects.

It makes refreshing breaks more accessible

Plants have a beneficial influence on your office environment. They can actively help to purify indoor air, getting rid of harmful particles and releasing additional oxygen in the office – which allows your brain to do its work. But more and more companies are exploring further advantages of using plants, such as providing your staff with a vegetable garden. Indeed, when the company invests in gardens, the team can not only develop a sustainable mindset but also significantly notice an improvement in their life quality. Gardening provides a refreshing break during the day, and you can also take your harvest home. To install a garden, though, you might need to work with a specialist of excavation and landscaping such as Excon Group to prepare your backyard. This is especially necessary on uneven grounds. But, ultimately, relaxed and satisfied employees can achieve more.

It encourages new ideas and interactions

Most workplaces follow a very traditional space division. The room is divided into work stations, and it can be tricky to spark creativity without an innovative decor. But companies such as Autodesk have focused on introducing new elements; namely, unconventional furniture, to diversify the desk job situation. Rover staff can bring their pet at work. In short, new decor rules help you to think differently!

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Creating the best possible decor for your staff is about enhancing their access to an organised thinking process, a relaxing environment, and non-traditional interactions. You need to redefine your office decor to give your team the best chances to unlock their productivity.

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