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You can do so much more for the environment than you thought. There is much more than just plastic straws in the ocean, and the decline in bees is actually pretty serious. But what small changes can you implement to make an impact?

Remember that even though you think you aren’t having a significant impact if millions of people make small changes that will add up to one significant difference.

Bee Green

When it comes to bees and butterflies, there is plenty that you can do to help the little critters survive. If you have any space at all that can be used to plant wildflowers, then think about doing it. You can pick up balls of wildflowers that are perfect for helping our furry little friends survive. You can also make a feeding station for those tired little buzzy buddies too. If you are really serious about agriculture, then you could take a look at agribusiness courses and see just how big of an impact you could have.

Photo by Ed van duijn on Unsplash

Let Your Dollars Count

When it comes to spending money, while more prominent brands tend to be cheaper, they don’t always focus on giving back. Try and shop more often at local establishments. Local fruit and veggies, farmers markets for your meat and dairy. And, the chances are you know a lot of solo entrepreneurs who are selling their goods.

When you are looking for a gift, check in with your creative friends and see what you can find. Your money will be well spent, by buy from smaller businesses.

Think about what you value, and where your money can make a difference. Make a list of the things you buy the most often, and see what those companies do for the planet. If what they do aligns with your beliefs you are in good company.

Get Involved

If everyone got involved with the charities that they support, then there would be much more money raised. It isn’t all about money either. It might be that in your local areas there are some vulnerable groups like young parents, the elderly or disabled. If you have the time to spare, you could set up a tea or coffee morning so that those people who might be affected by loneliness have somewhere to go.

The same groups of people might need some different types of support. Could you take them to run their errands, or do it for them? What about cooking or just going for a walk.

Internal Change Matters

Most of us have made some mistakes in our life that might make us feel that we don’t have a right to try to make a difference. But, people and plants grow. Finding your own inner peace, learning what really matters to you can help you clarify where you can make a difference, and what it is that matters to you.

Find the things that matter to you and seek out a way to make a difference in that area. It might be people, or animals, the ocean or the rain forest – what matters is that you try.

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