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Many workers spend 8 or more hours each working day sitting in an office in front of a computer. This lack of activity of not good for their general well being and according to scientific studies, they would be much better off if they took their desks and computers outside. It seems that working in the fresh air can counteract many of the disadvantages of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Humans are not meant to spend hours confined to an indoor environment and it can lead to poor health over time. The people that work in these sorts of jobs are more prone to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. They are more likely to suffer from sight impairment from staring at a screen all day long and to pick up infections from the bacteria that accumulate on keyboards and other office equipment.

The Advantages Of Working Outside

Working outside exposes employees to fresh air and natural light, both of which are better for health.  Even a quick walk outside has been shown to improve short-term memory, lower blood pressure, boost energy and improve moods. It has also been found that employees sleep better, feel less depressed and their immune system gets a boost, which results in fewer sick days.

Some companies have taken this to heart and are building outside areas for their workers.  This does not have to be overly expensive as a browse on the Con Tek website will show. A concrete base can be perfect for holding desks and the associated equipment and it will last years once it has been laid.

If your business does not have the space for this type of development, you could opt for something similar to at the Google office, where they have tried to bring some of the outdoors inside. They have introduced skylights for more natural light and greenery to help replicate an outdoor environment, and they say it has been very successful.

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The Steps Companies Can Take

Not all companies have the financial capabilities to do what Google has done, or the space to create large enough working space. They can still help to improve the situation though by starting with a pleasant outdoor area for workers to take their breaks in.

Unless they are to protect workers from a burning sun, keep all blinds open to allow the natural light to get in. Introduce plants into the office space so that everyone benefits from the way they freshen the air and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Nature can have more effects on us that we realise and usually for the better. Whether we are walking, spending leisure time or working outside, it positively affects humans in a physical and emotional way. It makes life easier to cope with, problem-solving becomes simpler and employees will be able to fight off bacteria and viruses much quicker.

Healthier workers will be happier workers, and research has shown time and time again that this means they will be more productive and that has to be good for your business.



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